17-month toddler favorites.

I originally titled this post 17-month baby favorites -- but Vi isn't a baby anymore. She's growing up so fast and it's been really fun to watch discover new things -- like playing with play-doh (she kept trying to eat it) or going down a hill on dad's bike (she put her hands up and said whooohoo just like mom and dad). She is talking more and more everyday, and she's really social with other kids and adults. Vi is little Miss Independent and she certainly plays favorites with her toys, books, and food. Here are her current favorites:
BOOKS: Vi still loves story time and we read about 10-20 books a day. To keep things interesting I added quite a few new ones to the mix. These are her favorites:

-Curious George and the Rocket - She LOVES 'grshh' right now, so she brings this one to me to read multiple times a day.
-Shake a Leg - This book encourages little kids to get up and get active. It also helped Vi learn her body parts (fingers, toes, head, tummy etc.).
-I'll Never Let You Go - This story is so sweet and it encourages a big hug at the end.
-Little Blue Truck - A folksy rhyming book that teaches an important lesson -- be nice and help others.
-Brown Bear, Brown Bear - A classic and a great way to introduce animals and colors.
-Pirates Don't Take Baths - H bought this one and it's totally cute and quirky. 
-ABC Party Animals - Vi loves to hear the alphabet at the end of this book
-Goodnight Charleston - I find myself getting a little sentimental whenever she picks this one out, and it makes me look forward to visiting someday with her.
-If I Could Keep You Little - Get the kleenex! This one is bittersweet and forces you to think about your baby growing up.

TOYS: Vi is still playing with a lot of toys that I've blogged about before. The one toy she seems to always play with is her Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket -- she loves to "feed" her stuffed animals. She also likes her Little People Surprises and Sounds Home -- she usually makes the little mom and dad kiss! She likes to stack her Mega Bloks and play with her puzzles. And Bernie the Jellycat Owl is her favorite stuffed friend :)

CLOTHES: Ok let's be honest she doesn't really care what she wears right now -- as long as she has her "shews" on she's happy. But I love the Cat & Jack line at Target -- especially all of the non-traditional "girl" patterns like space and dinosaurs. The flowers and stripes are cute too :)

EAT: Feeding a toddler is tricky. She'll love something one day, and then she won't touch it the next day. She still drinks three small glasses of milk everyday, and she gets some protein with fruit and yogurt smoothies. She likes carbs and avocados (like her mama!) and my homemade vegetarian chili. We're still working on finding new ways of getting her to eat more veggies (mamas share your secrets!) and meat (which is really difficult for us since H and I don't eat many meat meals). 



  1. So many good book suggestions! Just added a bunch to H's amazon wish list. :) We're lucky in that he eats almost anything right now ... anything except broccoli. He scrunches up his face and throws it on the floor, no matter how I prepare it or season it. Until I offered him broccoli fritters! He'll eat two or three in one sitting! The recipe could be easily modified for something like zucchini, too, so it might be a good trick for sneaking in some veggies. http://blog.stephaniecourt.com/2013/01/broccoli-fritters.html

    For meat, I've had the most success with pot roast (he also loves the carrots and potatoes that cook with it), meatballs, and fried chicken fingers (I use a cornmeal crust instead of flour to keep them gluten free and crunchy). Other meats have been hit or miss but those three are reliable favorites with our little guy!

    1. those are great tips! thank you stephanie!! xo

  2. 10-20 books a day?! Y'all are doing some serious work on that library! Can you sneak in some veggies to the smoothies and have her get them that way?

    1. the books are really short, so it's easy to read that many by the end of the day! and YES! I've put spinach in her smoothies, but I need to start experimenting with other veggies.

  3. I can't believe Baby V is 17 months old! Gosh, time flies. Ali is just now starting to really enjoy books so I'm excited to buy a few of these you recommend.

  4. That sounds like R's diet!! It drives me crazy making things he loved and then it all goes to waste when he changes his mind. haha. When I make things like meatballs or lasagna now, I chop up zucchini and/or spinach really small and add it to the recipes. So far that's the only way I can sneak veggies in besides smoothies!

  5. OMG!!! Those clothes are so adorable! I can't wait to have a baby girl one day and dress her in all the cute dresses!


    Tamara - LoveofMode.com

  6. All those books are so adorably sweet. Hope you're having a great week so far, darling.

  7. Thanks for the book recs! Oliver doesn't care about books too much now, unless chewing on them counts, but I still read to him daily. As for ways to get Violet to eat more veggies and meat, I made these meatballs for Oliver and he loved them. http://www.babyfoode.com/blog/mini-chicken-carrot-meatballs-for-baby They were pretty easy to make too!


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