pray for peace.

I spent a month studying abroad in Paris during the summer after my sophomore year of college, and I returned a few years later for my honeymoon. It's one of my favorite cities, and I was shocked to hear the news of the terrorist attacks on Friday night. I spent the rest of the night glued to the news, checking my Twitter feed for updates, and I even updated my Facebook profile photo to show my support for the victims and their families. I snuggled with Violet a little longer that night and I went to bed feeling sad about what happened and so incredibly grateful for the safety of my family. 
It wasn't until late the next night when I saw the article-- "Let's pray for Beirut the same way we are praying for Paris" that I learned 40 people were killed and 200 were injured in two suicide bombings in Beirut, Lebanon the day before the Paris attack. The writer Elyane Youssef brought up a lot of good points. Why hadn't I heard about this attack on the news? -- I watch the news every day. Am I watching the wrong thing? Or does the media just choose to cover some tragedies more than others?

The events that took place in Paris were terrible. It absolutely breaks my heart to see so much violence in a city that I love so much. But it also makes me sad and angry that other victims of terrorist attacks do not receive the same kind of media attention. All victims of terror deserve support and prayers. Not to mention the ability to easily communicate that they are safe to friends and family. I really hope that in the future Facebook enables their Safety Check for ALL natural and human disasters. In the meantime, I admire Elyane's plead for peace --  "Let’s pray for the whole wide world, in fact. Let’s see each each other as equal human beings; not as different countries."


  1. When we were in Europe last year we learned the news is much more open over there...they hear about everything where we only hear about certain things...

    We are all coming together - that is the most important thing!

  2. I was also glued to the TV on Friday and my heart sank more and more each time they'd raise the number of people who died. I just kept thinking, "what is the world coming to?" and you do raise such a good point. We can't let ourselves become desensitized to violence anywhere, even in places where, sadly, it's not uncommon.

    Melissa | So About What I Said

  3. Such a terrible terrible act and don't even get me started on our media ;) My sister in laws parents lived in Spain for the past 3 years and they talk constantly about how different media is over there. I hate feeling like no where is safe anymore :(

  4. We spent part of our honeymoon in Paris and it broke my heart that something so terrible happened there. I read that article too and it was very good. Elyane brings up a lot of good points, especially about the Facebook option and the media coverage of these things. Thank you for sharing and I hope that you are having a great day!

  5. So perfectly said. I heard on the news today that FB will be activating the Safety Check for all terrorist events now - hope that is true. Saying so many prayers for everyone!

  6. So true. It greatly saddens me what happens in this world. Especially because so much of it is beautiful - I wish we all could embrace it and embrace one another. I still believe there is so much more good than evil though -- even though it's not always so easy to see.

  7. Beautiful post girl, I am deeply saddened that there are people with so much hate in their hearts. All we can do is pray for them and those affected by these horrific attacks <3

    Green Fashionista

  8. So heartbroken for both places and everyone involved. And I had no clue that we don't hear everything - it's pretty sad to think that this world is even more scary than we already know.


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