love + loathe list.

Meg (a Charleston blogger/friend) and Sarah tagged me in their Love/Hate posts, and I looove a good list -- so here it goes: 
1. #babycornflake + H... i bet you saw that one coming ;) 
2. traveling. miss it, soo much. can't wait to start up again. 
3. the color blue. #navyeverything
4. yoga.
5. baby stretches + smiles. 
6. bike rides.
7. oldies music. 
8. FaceTime.
10. dried mangoes. (these are my favorite no-sugar added, organic option) and obviously I'm totally addicted to sugary desserts too (sprinkle animal cookies, carrot cake, peanut butter m&m's, pumpkin pie, and cookie dough!)

1. cold weather. ugh. it's the worst. although I'm not sure 100-degrees with humidity is much better.
2. palmetto bugs -- aka cockroaches that fly. yikes!
3. self-checkout at the grocery store (it always takes longer)
4. cardio.
5. crohn's. 
6. mushrooms, olives, and fish.
7. when you can't fall asleep but the baby is asleep :/
8. the lack of ice cream in my freezer + belly (thanks a lot #5).
9. slow walkers people who take up the whole sidewalk and won't step aside for others. 
10. war, poverty, racism, inequality, hunger, violence, injustice... and all the other things that make my heart sad when I watch the news.

What's on your list?


  1. This is a good list! I definitely agree....fish is icky!

  2. I have a love hate relationship with cardio LOL xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Love your loves list especially yoga and traveling! And I couldn't agree with you more on hating the cold, moving to FL was the best decision I ever made :-D

  4. These lists are great! I live in Kansas City, so I agree that I hate the cold, but now that it's over 100 degrees with the heat index I'm complaining just as much:) Baby Cornflake is adorable:)

  5. I miss Chicago, too and now I'm craving a sprinkles ice cream cone!! Great lists!!

  6. I haven't had animal cookies in years! They look so good. I secretly can't wait until Parker starts eating so I can buy snacks like that. Goldfish crackers, animal crackers, fruit snacks! I could go on :)

  7. Oh, Palmetto bugs. My freaking arch enemy! Blue (and white stripes) always looks good on you! ;) Hope you're feeling great girl! xx

  8. Palmetto bugs = my worst nightmare.

  9. of course I hate #10 on your hate list as well. but mushrooms! mushrooms are my life blood. and omg yes where would i be without amazon?

  10. eeeek that heart!!! Lovin' some oldies a well girl!

  11. Palmetto bugs...YES. So nasty and so jealous of the people who don't have to endure them!

  12. I looove those animal cookies. Though, I really shouldn't buy them since they're gone in no time!!

  13. Girl, if I could live on those sprinkle animal cookies, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Funny story, a froyo place in Tulsa has them as a topping. When I have a craving for them, we head there for froyo so I can fix my craving with just a few cookies. Otherwise, I'd buy the bag & down them all in one sitting ;)

  14. lately, i am LOVING any kind of moscow mule i can get my hands on as well as summer sales, sundresses, my new fitbit watch, and any and all housewvies on TV!
    loathing humidity, slow drivers, my iphone that constantly dies, and summer colds!

  15. flying roaches scare the crap out of me, luckily, they seem to be in FL or SC and have skipped Atl, which is fine with me!!! i have never had dried mangoes!! i'm checking them out on my next trip to Whole Foods!

  16. Aww...babycornflake is so adorable and I really need to try dried mangoes. Kisses, darling.

  17. palmetto bugs sound like they are out of a horror story. AH.

  18. I am all about the self checkouts! I find it doesn't take longer as long as there's one free, and my items have barcodes. And I totally agree with #10 on your loathe list. I absolutely hate that stuff too.

  19. Being cold is my least favorite thing ever! Also have yet to find a cardio workout that I actually enjoy. I love me some oldies as well! It's pretty much all I ever listen to.


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