loving lately: Gerard Yosca's Flowerball Collection.

Full Disclosure: I received complimentary items from Gerard Yosca to review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support Cornflake Dreams.

Gerard Yosca has released the beautiful new collection Flowerball -- just in time for Spring! The line features fresh daisy and petal designs, and I absolutely love the blossom cuff and daisy pendant. Both pieces are extremely versatile and can be layered with other necklaces and bracelets. I had the opportunity to talk with Gerard Yosca about the Flowerball collection:

Why the daisy motif?
The daisy is so fresh and simple. It is easy to wear all year, but when it appears in winter, it really is the promise of spring isn't it?

This is your second daisy group. How is this one different? 
I did white and yellow enameled Daisy way back in 1991. It was very graphic and pop. No one was working with enamel back then, and the collection had a large impact. This time around, the look is much more classic. There are daisies, but I’ve also done a few pieces out of the petals that just become modern abstraction. 

You keep refining your collections. 
What does this mean to you, in jewelry and/or in fashion? 
You know, there is so much “stuff” in the marketplace. There is a version of everything at every price level. For me, the challenge is to try to make our pieces just a little better—to be more thoughtful in design and in the way someone may want to wear a piece.blossom cuff + daisy pendant c/o Gerard Yosca

Why the name Flowerball?
There was such a wonderful reception to my Powerball collection. The standout was a single hand-hammered gold ball on a clean chain. The daisy has the same kind of impact. Boom—spring—got it! 

What spring trends are you excited about?
Printed patterns…and for men too! And I’m excited about the move to deeper color for spring. We are so used to pale color at that time of year, but rich, saturated color looks new. 

What do you look forward to in the spring?
Pots of daffodils and hyacinth, Cadbury chocolate mini eggs and walking barefoot on the beach (even if I have the hood of my sweatshirt up and my hands in my pockets to keep me warm). 

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What is your favorite piece from the Flowerball collection?


  1. I love the flower cuff - it's so pretty!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I love that simple gold bracelet with the daisy in the middle, so pretty!

  3. Love the necklace! So pretty. Definitely has me dreaming about spring too!! :-)

  4. I adore daisies so this line is speaking right to me.

  5. Gorgeous!! ps- a pedicure at 34 weeks? You are my hero!!! haha :) Have a great day! xo

  6. What a great collection - I love the earrings!

  7. These are so fun! The little gold earrings are perfect for every day!

  8. mmm cadbury mini eggs lol. love the petal to the metal necklace (they all have such cute names!)

  9. ooooh, it is so nice to see flowers!!!! i can't wait for spring!

  10. Stunning! You know I love me some gold and I want it all ;)

  11. Such a gorgeous collection! Love it all!


  12. i am LOVING this collection. so, so pretty!


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