the lighter side of Magritte.

When I visited Chicago last week I was determined to see the Magritte exhibit at the Art Institute (the museum is free on Thursdays to Chicago residents). My friends agreed to meet up after work and go to the exhibit together.
To be honest, I was shocked, the featured pieces were pretty gruesome -- there were lots of dead pigeons and random body parts. Okay Magritte, I get it you're a surrealist artist -- you get a pass. But I was bummed that I didn't get to see the lighter and whimsical pieces that I was more familiar with. So I guess that means that I am a "G-rated" Magritte fan... totally fine by me! :) Here are my favorites (not included in the exhibit): 
-see all of Magritte's work here-

Who are your favorite artists? Are you a Magritte fan?


  1. I love the business man photo - always reminds me of the Thomas Crown Affair!

  2. Such strange artwork! Seeing body parts and dead pigeons sounds so odd. I like the one with the lady on the horse not sure what it's called. It's very magical in a way. See you tonight!

  3. Oh my god...Magritte he is one of my favourites painter ever! Since I studied Art History I know a little bit about every painter and this one of all it's my favorite and the one which I identify the most ;)


  4. i saw the Empire of Light in Venice and became obsessed- it's so beautiful!

  5. Unfortunately I am only familiar with his bowler hat business men! All thanks to the Thomas Crowne Affair! lol...Oman I am not refined at all ;D Looks like an awesome exhibit, I was brought up on Escher!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  6. I'm such a sucker for Impressionists, but never could get into Surrealism...especially the gory stuff!

  7. Yes to B's comment - love this because of The Thomas Crowne affair pulling off the painting. Was it done in Chicago/same place?

  8. Jackson Pollack is my favorite artist. His splatter paint pieces are chaotic and layered and awesome.

    I didn't know much about Magritte until this post so thanks for sharing. I feel more cultured already ;)

    Megan // www.fyeahblog.com

  9. I remember seeing some of the arts in a Jr High school text book! Lucky to get to see them for sure :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

  10. i am only slightly familiar with his g-rated work too.

  11. i am definitely a magritte fan, actually im a fan of any great artists because i have no art skills whatsoever, and anyone who can do that is awesome

  12. Hmm should I add this to my list of things to do when in Chicago next weekend? I'm not a fan of gruesome...


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