life lately + living in the South.

Well we have been living in Charleston for over a month now! I thought it was about time I share an update on the things I love and things I am getting used to in my new city. 
I am loving:
The weather - Lately it has been HOT with temps in the high 90's and humidity. But it's been manageable since I tend to stay indoors during the really hot part of the day 12-3 pm-ish. It's also Summer - it is supposed to be hot! So, if we can make it through the summer then I will welcome Fall, Winter, and Spring with open arms :) 
The people - Pretty much everyone I have met has been really sweet and welcoming -- apparently "Southern hospitality" is alive and well in Charleston! 
Our neighborhood - I am so happy that we live downtown and we're able to take long walks after dinner and on the weekends. The historic homes and gardens are beautiful.
The food - H and I have a long list of restaurants we'd like to try - I'll keep you posted on which places we love. So far the chocolate croissant from Belgian Gelato are pretty tasty -- and flaky! And I am a little obsessed with sandwiches from Queen Street Grocery.
The shopping - There are tons of shops on nearby King street and even more sprinkled throughout the city... I have a feeling that I am not going to do very much online shopping in the future. 
Biking - It's sooo laid back in Charleston (compared to Chicago). I've only seen a handful of other bikers who wear helmets, and I suspect that is because the drivers are super cautious around bikers (a welcome change!) 

Of course no place is perfect and there have been a few issues with our rental... 
BUGS. omg. We had ants in our kitchen when we first moved in, but thankfully we have taken care of them. After that we had to deal with palmetto bugs (aka hugeeee cockroaches that fly!!!) They are pretty terrifying and I am praying we don't see anymore. We also have spotted a few wasps buzzing around our house (which apparently eat the palmetto bugs), but I am so scared of being stung, so we have killed those too.
Crazy powerful thunder showers. I am used to living in a 4-story condo building, so our carriage house has been an adjustment. The other night it stormed so hard that our windows rattled and the whole house shook! I sort of felt like I lived in a "play-house" that should be in some mansion's back yard. Yep... I need to remind myself that the location is perfect, and we're just living here for a year. 
Mold. ugh. this is the worst issue. We recently discovered that we have mold in our lower kitchen cabinets. We sealed them up to avoid additional exposure and our landlord is working on removing the mold and replacing the cabinets. In the meantime our tiny kitchen just got smaller because we can't use some of the cabinets. Hopefully the issue is resolved soon -- or we'll be apartment hunting again.

What Charleston posts do you want to see in the future?
Favorite restaurants, shops? Things to see or do? Photography of historic homes?


  1. Oh no that sucks about your cabinets!! It really has been super hot here lately, Fall will be great though especially compared to the cold weather y'all are used to! Sometimes I wish we lived downtown because I love exploring! Looking forward to Thursday's blogger date! :)

  2. Love all of your pics! It sucks that it gets so hot down south in the summer but it's nice in the winter when it's not freezing all the time. And I feel your pain with the bugs and the storms... both downfalls of living down south!

    <3, Pamela

  3. LOVE all your instagram picks! I will definitely have to refer to some of your restaurants picks if I ever take a trip south! One day...

  4. Sounds like a great weekend, minus the bugs and mold :(

  5. You captured your new neighborhood perfectly!

    I'm so sorry about all the apartment issues. URGH. We don't have mold or bugs, but I think it's because we live in a newer place. But oh yes those thunderstorms are CRAZY.

  6. That sunset photo is crazy beautiful!! Sorry to hear about all the house issues - but glad to hear they are sort of fixed/under control!! The shopping in Charleston is so great - I just love that city!!

  7. I love the south - minus the bugs

    Do you get those crazy pop-up storms, that are horrible, but only last 30 minutes?
    We got them in Fl and we get them here.

    It's nice meeting you.
    I'm visiting from MM

  8. I didn't know wasps killed roaches! Well bring on the wasps because I'm highly scared of roaches! It's one of the things I dread about the summer. I still hate the thunderstorms. I'm a little neurotic and just know that lightening is goin to strike my house one day! The heat has been miserable. You just want to stay indoors!

  9. I've been loving all your IG pics, glad you're liking it there :) Ugh to the bugs, that stinks!

  10. Every place requires an adjustment period, but I hope that mold problem gets corrected–STAT!

  11. Palmetto bugs are the absolute worst creature in the world. Yes they fly - and they'll fly right at your face I've learned hah. Hope the mold is cleared up ASAP!

  12. Been seeing all the beautiful IG posts and I would love to visit. Yes, it gets hot and sometimes we have crazy thunderstorms esp during hurricane season. Keep posting great places to eat and would love to see cute boutiques if you find any good ones :)

  13. Gorgeous pictures! Sorry about the mold that sucks, hopefully it will be resolved soon. And I hear ya about the storms and bugs, it's the same down here in FL :)

  14. So happy you like your new home and those photos are so pretty! (Ah, that sunset). Hope the mold will be removed soon. Have a great day, sweetie.

  15. The mold situation happened in all of my apts downtown so I feel your pain! POor thing. Palmetto Bugs are vile and these afternoon storms have been wild!!

  16. would love to hear more about your fave shops/restaurants! glad you're getting acclimated well!

  17. I mean ever since your move your Instagram photos look straight out of a magazine girl!

  18. Ahhh it sounds so wonderful lady! Minus bugs + mold + storms, of course. Just such a picturesque place, and the people sound so welcoming!
    xx, Emily
    shell chic'd

  19. Living in the South is full of pros and cons -- but just wait until this winter... you'll be THRILLED that you live in the South. Ha! Here's to hoping we run into each other in Chucktown one day!

  20. Glad that you're settled and loving it. I always enjoy your post-dinner walk pics. Keep 'em coming!

    Megan // www.fyeahblog.com

  21. Charleston looks so beautiful and like a fun place to live. I would love to see photos of historic homes and just the cute streets and shops! Can't wait to see more!

  22. aw, it was nice to see some chs pics! oh yes, the palmetto bugs. don't miss those at ALL. it's so much worse when it rains too. get yourself some cute rainboots bc it FLOODS!

  23. Pit looks gorgeous! I have never been but have always had a fascination with the city, I really want to come see it someday and I love all of your tips!

  24. That looks like a good place to live in. I'm glad for you that you're settled, hope that you will love it.
    That's awful news that you found mold, it's very hard to get rid of it :(
    Carpet cleaning Chiswick

  25. Dying to visit Charleston so we'll have to schedule a date once I figure out what weekend we'll be there!

  26. Sorry to say that if you live downtown...you will always see Palmetto bugs! UGH! They are nasty and so freaky...they were the worst thing I hated about coming to Charleston. LOL. Welcome to the city though, I'm sure you will love it's charm and the good eats!
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  27. Ugh, can I come back already?! Such a cute city! I couldn't get over how hot it was.. I have NO IDEA how everyone does their hair in the summer, I looked like a hot mess!


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