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Good morning! I am Jessica from Birdie to be and am so honored to be guest posting while Jillian is away. She asked me to share my experience of moving since her and her husband are about to make a big move away from their family and friends.

My husband and I moved to Dublin, Ireland about a year and a half ago. It was a big decision and was presented to us in the midst of wedding planning. But the more we thought about the opportunity, the more we knew we couldn't pass it up.
First off, I will say our experience abroad has been amazing. We've enjoyed the roller coaster ride and would do it all over again! Here are the highlights for us.

1 // Since the move happened directly after returning from our honeymoon, we looked at this year as an extension of that. We've grown together and had the most amazing first 2 years of marriage.

2 // If you follow my blog, you know we've definitely taken advantage of traveling throughout Europe. We've been able to visit places and see things I never thought I would. Being so close to everything Europe has to offer has made us so much more adventurous.

3 // One of the best parts about this past year+ is having our friends and family come visit us. It makes us feel closer to home and we've enjoyed all our adventures with our visitors!

So excited to hear about your adventures and new home, Jillian! Thanks so much for having me! 
Jessica of Birdie to Be


  1. It's actually on my bucket list to live abroad with my hubby - here's hoping we get transferred to Europe haha!

  2. How exciting! I would LOVE to go to Ireland.

  3. Thanks so much for having me! Hope you're enjoying your vaca in the Bahamas!

  4. So amazing that you guys have had the opportunity that you have, Jessica! I love following along (and sighing with jealousy every so often hah). Great post :)

  5. I think its so great that you guys gambled and headed to Ireland! You have to do that sort of thing while you're young! Love all of your photos!

  6. Ireland seems beautiful. I love how cheap it is to travel around Europe once you're there, and even to places like Israel! I studied abroad in the fall and it was all just so much easier than trying to get there from the US!


  7. i'd say those are wonderful are wonderful highlights of living abroad!

  8. Love it! (And I may be just the tiniest bit jealous of all of your adventures abroad!)


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