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Hi, y'all!  I'm Shelby.  As a 10+ year resident of Charleston, SC, I'm also far too familiar with the 9-5 grind. But nothing like a cocktail after work to perk ya right up, no?  Here are some of my favorite post-work spots for a little vino, a little gossip  - and of course - a little food, too.

Social Wine Bar for the bang for your buck
The ambiance is laid-back but chic, with tons of variety for food and libations lovers.  However, you simply cannot beat their $4 happy hour menu during the week.

Stars Restaurant for the city views
They ain't lying when they say you get a 360 degree view of the city via the rooftop bar.  Ride the elevator to the top for a sunset cocktail, then head back downstairs for a fabulous dinner.

Pearlz Oyster Bar for the sea-foodies
In addition to another awesome happy hour menu, what's better than a tuna Napoleon, oyster shooters and a young, fun crowd post-work?

Fleet Landing for the waterside experience
Go for the outside bar and happy hour menu, but stay for the salty breeze and frequent porpoise-sightings.

The Tattooed Moose for an off-the-beaten-path good time
Grab a board game from the shelf inside, pick up a beer at the bar, and don't forget to put in an order for the duck fat fries (part of the happy hour menu) before parking it outside on the patio.

Barsa for wine time with friends
Easily one of my favorite post-work spots, Barsa has killer deals on wine, an outstanding tapas menu, an outdoor patio and a parking lot (huge perk in this town).

What other places would you locals recommend for happy hour?  I can't wait to sip some bubbly with you at these (and more!) spots in town, Jillian.  Thanks so much for having me today and good luck with your move!


  1. Great post Shelby!! If I'm ever in Charleston I'm definitely checking these places out!

    <3, Pamela

  2. The Tattooed Moose and Social are two of my favorites!


  3. I love Social! I've been here for over a year and haven't made it to your other recs so I definitely need to get on that!

  4. Where was this list when I went in March!! I did love Stars Restaurant - great city views like you said! :)

  5. Oooh I need to visit the Stars Restaurant when we are there next month! I love my rooftop bars :)

  6. Great post girl! My friend and I have talked about a couples trip to Charleston one day, I'll keep these in mind ;)

  7. I need to come to Charleston so I can sit on that rooftop bar and have some drinks with you!

  8. Great post Shelbs! Still dying to try Fleet but just needs to cool off a few a temps before I'm going to be sitting outside!

  9. As if I needed another reason to want to plan a Charleston trip! So much good info in this post!

  10. I need to visit just for that rooftop bar!

  11. Love it! My fave is Bin 152! Love Fleet Landing! What a great view! Can't wait to have a cocktail with you and Jillian as soon as she's all settled in!

  12. Shelby listed so many of my favorite spots! I love Pearlz and Social!

  13. These look like fun places! Thanks for sharing!


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