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I just moved.

 It wasn't far, maybe a few miles at most, but this move was difficult, even more difficult than last year's move from California to the East Coast. You see, there's a forest across from my old apartment complex. I loved that forest. My husband stumbled upon it and took me there one day as a surprise because he knows how much I love trees. I called it "Our Forest" and would go there when I needed to think, run, and walk in nature. 

 And I miss that forest dearly. I'm sad it'll no longer be a part of Sunday walks, daily runs, and my moments of needed solitude. From our new place, I could drive there, but it's not the same. It was the proximity that made it 'ours.' Leaving it was a symbol of change and acceptance of a new life. 

 So now I'm on a hunt to find a forest near me. If not a forest, then another hidden gem that will help me fall in love with my new place, help me create memories and become attached to the area. But more importantly, I want a place that feels cozy and welcoming to share with my husband.
tiffany of dancing branflakes


  1. I know just how you feel. It took me a long time to realize how important the forest I'd grown up next to was to me, and I've been serious about finding those places ever since. I'm sure you'll find your new spot soon.

  2. Aww..this is so beautiful :) Hope you will find your amazing gem soon, Tiffany. Wish you both a great day! xoxo


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