cornflake dreams.: influenster J'Adore & Dove VoxBox reviews.


influenster J'Adore & Dove VoxBox reviews.

Influenster is a free-to-join community of trendsetters, social media mavens, and consumers who live to give opinions of products and experiences. I am a member and this month I received a complimentary J’Adore VoxBox full of goodies from Hershey’s, Vaseline, Boots Beauty USA, Kiss Nails, John Frieda US and Red Rose Tea AND a special Dove VoxBox. I was able to use most of the products and I’d love to share my reviews!

First up- Hershey's Kisses Milk Chocolate are winners in my book. They remind me of holidays - at my grandmas she always has a bowl of them out waiting for the kids and my mom uses them in h’s favorite cookie – the peanut butter blossom. I love that Hershey’s wraps the kisses up in different color foil for the holidays, I received a bag of pink, red and silver kisses (one of my favorite color combinations!) While I am a huge fan of Hershey’s Hugs (hello, white chocolate!), the milk chocolate version are a closer runner-up. 

Vaseline Men Spray Lotion – h couldn't have received this at a better time. This has been the longest  winter ever in Chicago and the air is very dry. I was a little jealous that I had to hand over the Spray Lotion to my husband…. I am in desperate need of something similar (thankfully Vaseline makes a version for women without the “man” scent). H liked the product and said it was easy to use. 

Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas – This is another product that I had my husband try (I don’t drink tea, but he likes it). He tried the Crème Carmel flavor and said it was like a dessert. And it's worth mentioning the "simply indulgent" tea flavors don't have a ton of calories (not that H cared about that... lucky man metabolism!)   

Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask – The mask goop was liquid when I put it on (I generally prefer mask goop to be thicker so it's easier to apply). Next time I'll shake the bottle before I use it. The mask didn't smell like anything (positive!) and it dried within ten minutes (perfect for busy mornings). My skin felt tight with the mask and I removed it in the shower (mostly because I am kind of a spaz when I try to wash my face in the sink). I have very sensitive skin so I was a little worried to use the mask but overall it made my skin a little softer.

Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes – These lashes look real and they include glue in the package. The only time I have worn fake eyelashes was at our wedding. I loved them for the big day but it’s outside of my comfort zone to sport them every day. I’m willing to send my (unopened) package to the first taker!  

John Frieda Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray – I’ll be honest I haven’t tried this product. I have pin straight hair so I don’t think I would see any results. I am going to give this to a curly-hair friend and I’ll keep you posted on what she thinks about it.  

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant with NutriumMoisture – I am a huge fan of Dove, so I was really excited to try a new product from their line. The Advance Care Deodorant has specially formulated NutriumMoisture that acts like lotion for your underarms. I never thought about how much shaving can dry out your skin but that paired with the dry winter, I needed this deodorant! I have been using it for two weeks and it has made a huge difference, I won't go back to my old brand. 

Have you tried any of these products? 
Which ones are your favorite?


  1. How fun is that box! I would be so excited to try it all!

  2. You've sold me on the deodorant. I'm always on the lookout for a good one for smoother pits.

  3. I gave my husband the Vaseline lotion for Christmas and he loves it! The woman version is my favorite too!

  4. I really need to get that spray lotion...for those quick running out the door days it looks absolutely perfect!

    Meet @ the Barre

  5. Oh! I want the lashes! I need some for my photoshoot with marli for her 1st bday :) This is all so neat - thanks for sharing about the tea and the mask. I have sensitive skin too and might have to try this.

  6. Oh, and I have the frizz ease product. I have some wild lioness hair and it works great to tame my manes.-xoxo

  7. Ooh try the lashes and do a before and after! They look fantastic!

  8. I've always wanted to get a VoxBox! They HOOKED you up!

  9. i love that spray, well both of them actually.