cheating on pilates.

Okay I know I shouldn't be talking about cheating on Valentines Day (fear not the mister and I are happier than ever), but lately I have been cheating on my other love pilates with a new workout.
Every Friday I look forward to yogaaaaaa. I'll be the first to admit that it took me a while to really get into yoga - I thought it was all breathing,  no workout. I was also frustrated that I wasn't as flexible as the other yogis in my class. But I stuck with it, and every yoga class I take, I like it more. I am constantly challenged and I can tell that I am getting stronger and more flexible. I get reallly excited that I am now able to do advanced poses (hello, bird of paradise - I'm looking at you!) now my friday 45 minute lunchtime class is my favorite. It is SO relaxing after a busy work week.

Yoga is all about concentrating on your mind and body (which I love), it requires very little "equipment." that being said, it is fun to treat yo'self to workout gear to get even more excited about a new workout routine. Here are my favorites: lululemon run times tank and gapfit heathered tank (these stay in place for all yoga positions) - i want to try the gapfit endurance tank // i love my gapfit gfast capris // and my manduka yoga mat (lasts forever with a lifetime guarantee).

Have a happy valentines day! 
Try a new workout this weekend, you never know when you'll fall in love with something new!


  1. I am loving yoga right now too! And like you said, the more I do it, the more I love it because I can feel myself getting better, stronger and definitely more flexible! I've heard so much about Athleta and Gap workout gear lately... can't wait to try some of their stuff!

  2. I have not been able to get into yoga! Not sure if it's because the classes I've been to haven't been good or if it's just that it's simply not my thing. Boohoo.

  3. Thanks for the reminder that I need to start. This was one of my goals for this year. Crouching Tiger here I come...or was it the Crow Pose? Heck, I can't remember, but I know it's going to take some mad practice. I think it will take me a while to get into yoga and fully appreciate it. Please post updates! I need all the motivate I can get :) Have a happy Vday and TGIF Jillian!

  4. tis true--you just never know! hapy valentine's day!

  5. yoga on my lunch break?? Oh I would dream about having that ability...I agree it is so nice to center your mind and for me try to quiet it for once. I like that endurance tank the lilac color is pretty. xooxxo

  6. I have got to get myself a new mat!

  7. this is on my list of Things to Try! the 4 yr old I nanny for has yoga cards, so she makes me get into the poses and then critiques me. i'm not very good according to her! ;)

  8. Yeah yoga is great, you actually use your own body as a weight and work off your own body weight, as opposed to lifting. It is pretty well rounded work out actually.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  9. I wasn't a huge fan of yoga at first either, but instantly fell in love with hot yoga. It's such a great workout and I love the calmness I feel after a class!

  10. Getting addicted to yoga and Lululemon is so much fun! Glad you are loving your classes.

  11. I absolutely adore yoga! I am currently active with pre-natal yoga but plan to continue once I delivered!


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