winter wardrobe refresh.

As much as I have been dreaming about Spring and warmer weather lately, it is STILL cold in Chicago (very cold...that polar vortex is back in full force). So what better time to stock up on some Winter essentials (especially since some of my favorites are now on sale). 

gap cable cowl scarf / quilted leather gloves / merino tippi sweater in vintage cabernet (half off!) / sorel boots (these will keep your feet warm and dry in snowy weather) // echo marled pop top gloves / ugg dakota slippers / jcrew military parka (on major sale!) 

Is it cold where you live? 
psst: only 50 days until Spring.


  1. Yay for only 50 more days! I've wanted those slippers for years. Loving that scarf. It's currently 40 degrees and dropping here. Snow day!?

  2. love that sweater. maybe bc it's a wine color?

  3. Counting down the days until the start of spring! AAAAH! I hate winter :(

  4. I looked at that parka a million times in store, on sale, with half off sale, and my student discount and I just didn't think we'd get enough weather for it. Boy was I wrong! Now I'm kicking myself. The vintage cabernet is amazingly rich color in person.

  5. Tippi sweaters are my favorite!!


  6. Yes, the city of Houston has called it "snow" day and schools/some business are shut down. Except, there's no snow in sight. Hahaha...its about 30 degrees here. These would be awesome since we Southerns aren't used to this kind of weather. Ekkk!!! 50 more days!!! That's less than 2 months. I am ready...I am SOOOO ready!

  7. Definitely not "cold" compared to what Chicago is experience but our high for today is only in the low 60s and it's overcast/foggy which, compared to the sunny 70s we've been having, makes it feel relatively cold. I feel like it almost sounds braggy to even say that but it's definitely NOT a good thing we've been having such warm weather. We basically haven't had rain since last spring, there's hardly any snow in the Sierras so a lot of ski resorts haven't even opened for the season, and the drought shows no signs of ending any time soon, which means lots of wildfires this summer. :(

  8. You will probably hate me but it is finally getting cold in San Diego. We have fog this morning. This is actually a really good thing because the air has been SO dry we've been having to use humidifiers at night...our skin and noses are dry and cracked. And we're in a terrible drought, so we are all praying for rain. I just realized...basically everything Stephanie said.

  9. John and I have been dreaming about a ski vacation just to get an excuse to wear gloves and boots!

  10. Seeing the countdown TOTALLY helps with the cold snap. Fifty days is not bad at all. :)

  11. omg MOCS. FUR LINED MOCS. there's nothing better when it's freezing out!


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