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A lot of people resolve to workout in the new year...now that we are approaching the the middle of January I thought I would share a few tips that help keep me motivated to workout throughout the year.

1. write it down. Set personal weekly goals for your workouts and you will probably be more likely to go to the gym. I try to workout at least four times a week (if I get in an extra workout in, awesome - if not, that's okay too). I put these workouts in my calendar to keep me accountable and remind me that it is possible to make the time for your health. Color-code your workout calendar, so it's easy to spot if you need to fit in another exercise day! 

2. get dressed. I get really excited about workout clothes that fit well and are cute. I recently bought a pair of GapFit gFast 21" capris (they are a great length for cold weather), they fit me perfectly and the fabric is stretchy and durable. One review on the gap website says they are see-thorough but mine are not (believe me I checked!) The capris are affordable too $55 (and gap usually offers promotions from 30-40% off so you can get these for only $33 - $38.50)

I also have the medium impact sports bra ($36) from Gap (whoohoo support!) this one helps the girls stay in place and is comfortable. I love breathable tanks like this one (bonus they are long so they don't creep up while you are doing yoga moves and it's now available in stripes). And I usually workout in pumas but I have my eye on a pair of nike free bionic training shoes

3. try something new. Mix up your routine with a new class - this will shake up your body (and metabolism) and get things burning. My weekly "new" thing is barre (I go to barre bee fit in Chicago). The classes combine isometric holds, heavy repetition, deep stretching and two cardio blasts to get my heart-rate up. I also take a "tone-up" class once a week that focuses on more traditional workout moves: push-ups, lunges, squats and some dumbbell work. When i workout at home I like to do pilates (my favorite!), jillian michaels yoga meltdown, or kettlebell exercises. Whatever you decide to do make sure you love it (or at least like it!)

4. find a workout buddy. Sign up for a weekly class with a friend! I go to barre with my best friend and if it wasn't for her I am sure i'd skip a few. It helps having someone waiting there for you and laughing with you while you're dying during a chair-sit or another set of mountain climbers. :)

Do you have any tips that help you maintain your weekly workouts?


  1. Love this! The workout diversity and availability just isn't the same in Dublin... so its hard staying motivated! These are great tips.

  2. The first two tips are so true. I can't seem to just sit around if I actually put on my sneakers.

  3. I really need to start adding to my calendar. I know it will help me plan/organize better!

  4. The best thing that works for me is a work-out buddy to help me stay motivated! Luke & I push each other to stay motivated & it really helps!

  5. LOVE this post! Definitely aligns with what I am working towards this year - bringing sexy back :) Ha! I find that writing it down helps me stay more focused and accountable. I can't tell you how bored I get with workouts so changing things up constantly helps me stay motivated. Have you tried kettlebell exercises? BEST THING EVER!!! Love workouts that work many muscle parts :)

  6. Find a workout buddy is my number one goal to staying on track for workouts. I had a post a few days ago about workout motivation you can check it out here Meet @ the Barre love your workout clothes picks!

  7. Writing it down/tracking workouts is definitely motivating, and a few cute clothes always help!

  8. I didn't realize until recently how important it is for me to switch things up, but boy does it make a difference!

  9. Great ideas! I am currently trying to find a workout buddy--that's a huge motivation for me. I like to sweat in good company. I should try writing it down, and I definitely need those leggings!

  10. I put my workouts in my calendar, too. Doesn't always work but certainly helps lol. Oh, and cute workout gear is a must!!

  11. love these tips, jillian!!

  12. These are great tips! I think I might start "scheduling" my work out times into my daily calendar. It's too easy to drop it to the bottom of priorities when other things come up but I think if I actively block off time for it the way I would for a meeting, it'll make me stick with it a little more consistently. Four times a week is my goal, too!


  13. I love Gap workout clothes! Rumor has it that it's the same manufacturer as Lulu…

    I lay out my clothes the night before since I work out early in the morning - and tell myself I'll get a glass of wine after work as a reward!



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