loving lately.

orange is the new black. we watched the first few episodes on new years eve and finished binge-watching the entire first season and OMG i want to know what happens next! does piper really kill someone in prison? i'm guessing no, but i also want to know who she ends up with.

downton abby. so totally different from orange but i am happy to have Dame Maggie Smith (Lady Violet) back in my life. And i'll admit i cried when Lady Mary finally cried and immediately made h promise he won't die (bc that's totally normal, right?!)

and my newest guilty pleasure... cutthroat kitchen on the food network. it's similar to the network's other show, chopped (chefs prepare dishes that are judged) but cutthroat allows contestants to sabotage each other and alton brown is a super snarky host!

sooo basically i watch a lot of tv. 

AND i read. i am half way through the lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri and i love it, Lahiri is one of my favorite authors so i was thrilled this is our january book club pick. 

AND i bake. i made my great-grandmother's date nut bread on my (cold) day off and it is SO tasty (h likes it too!) i'll post a recipe soon - promise!

what are you loving lately?



  1. Your great-grandmother's date nut bread sounds scrumptious:) Happy day, love. xo

  2. when ryan and i discover a new show on netflix, i love binge watching weekends. they are the best! i couldn't really get into Orange but i am a forever fan of downtown. so excited it's back!

  3. I am so behind... I haven't seen any of these shows :( But that banana nut bread looks delish!

  4. I'm currently reading The Lowland (about 85% done) and I keep going back and forth with it. I'll love a part of it and then get so bored with the next bit. Overall it was a compelling story though.

  5. definitely want to see that date nut bread. yum! i think every one who watched OITNB binge watched it. like there was no other way to watch it, ha! so good.

  6. I've really been into sending snail mail lately. I think it's a nice way to reconnect on a personal note with my loved ones. I've been baking up a storm too, although I am trying to bake healthier options. And with my almost 10 month, I can't seem to put down my camera. She's so much more interactive now so I'm trying to capture every moment.

  7. Lahiri is one of my all time favorite authors! I can't wait to read it!

  8. YES Orange is the New Black and Downton - LOVE both! So addiciting. Can't wait to see the bread recipe - looks amaze

  9. I'm going to have to check out those shows! We just got a free month to Netflix, so I'm trying to see what I can get addicted to for the next few weeks:)

  10. Can't stop watching OITNB!!
    xx Chloe

  11. LOVED Orange is the New Black, and can't wait for the new season!

  12. Loved OITNB-- we watched 12 episodes one day and then the last one the next morning lol. Soo good can't wait for it to return!

  13. love Orange! I binge-watched! and of course downton!

  14. you're totally normal re: Downton - when I'd finished the first part of Gone Girl I made Jon promise he'd never kill me.


mucho thanks for the blog love! xo

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