great gifts.

Santa (aka my friends and family) were really good to me this year. I received some great gifts and I thought I'd share my favorites, just in case you need inspiration for all of those gift cards!
aveda 'give relief' gift set of hand + foot lotion: Great lotions are a MUST for dry, cold winters (i'm talking to you Chicago). I have been using this hand and foot lotion daily.
bauble bar holly necklace: J'adore this very vintage Audrey Hepburn necklace, it has just the right amount of sparkle.
voluspa santiago huckleberry candle: This candle burns for a long time and smells fruity, which is a nice break from the evergreen wreath candle I had burning for 2 months. 
 - stila eye shadow trio: I love this set, the soft neutrals are great for my eyes and to add a little blush.
pro allover shadow brush: It's so soft and spreads powder eye shadow much better than the little foam applicators that I have been using.
urban decay primer potion: I am addicted to this stuff, it helps your eye shadow last all day without creases.
 - clinque face moisturizer: I have been wearing this since i was a teenager, it's great for dry skin. 
- fresh citron de vigne rollerball: Yep, no surprise I was super excited to receive something from the fresh line
 -DNKY be delicious perfume: It's crisp and light perfume, perfect for everyday wear.
wen shampoo: I have only used this once and I am already a believer, it made my hair super soft + shiny!
 - cards against humanity game: Spice up book club with this hilarious game. 

What were your favorite gifts this year?


  1. What great gifts! I just played Cards Against Humanities on NYE... so FUN!

  2. cards against humanity is on my list! heard great things about that game!

  3. I love that necklace! Cards against humanity is so fun!! Be careful with Wen. Another blogger posted that she loved it too but it made her hair fall out!!

  4. You're right- great gifts! Love Cards Against Humanity and Aveda hand relief is my go to hand lotion. I've had a couple of wen products for a little while now but have never used them-- might have to try them!

  5. You got spoiled! The Stila set looks amazing and you can never go wrong with giving or receiving Cards Against Humanity.

  6. my mom always gives me and my sisters a new perfume bottle every christmas - and i got the same one as you. its one of my fave scents!

  7. I'm absolutely obsessed with Voluspa candles. I mean, the packaging alone is the cutest!

  8. You got some great stuff! I use that Clinique lotion every day and love it. Also, Cards Against Humanity - how fun is that game?!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  9. Wow, looks like you got some great gifts this year! I've heard that game is so much fun, but I've never played it before! Also, those Stila eye shadows are gorgeous! xoxo

  10. isn't cards against humanity THE BEST? So fun!

  11. What wonderful presents! John gave me a pair of Madewell silk pjs this year that I haven't wanted to take off since Christmas morning!

  12. mmm, love that DKNY perfume smells so cute and that stilla trio looks great!

  13. That' primer potion is seriously one of my favorite beauty products ever. It's amazing!


  14. Ok I am so curious about the Cards Against Humanity. Have heard great things about it and am on the hunt for new fun games to play with friends!

  15. that candle is so pretty! is it bad that I'd probably forget to light it and just use it as an accent piece on my table?


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