cornflake dreams.: May 2013


friday's fancies #114.

happy friday - june is just around the corner! it's my favorite month (hello summer, sunshine, sandals and my birthday!!) i am praying the sun sticks around this weekend...i would love a long bike ride. if not a mad men marathon might be in order (we have 8 episodes recorded on our dvr). either way i am looking forward to wearing something light and breezy::

have a great weekend! 


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summer sandals.

 when i was planning for our trip to greece i was really looking forward to buying authentic greek leather sandals. i found information on the famous stavros melissinos "the poet" sandal shop in athens but when we visited, i was dispointed. after trying on five different pairs, all of the sandals seemed clunky and awkward. the shop was full of other american tourists searching for their perfect sandal. h gently reminded that i didn't HAVE to buy sandals in athens... so i left the shop empty handed and i decided to search for my perfect pair when i returned home. luckily piperlime is having a huge sale! here are my favorites:
which ones are your favorite?

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athens snapshots.

Athens was a beautiful mess - ancient ruins next to modern street art, mixed with lots of graffiti everywhere. The city had pockets of european areas - the Plaka was bustling with cafes, shops and tourists, while other areas needed a little TLC. I am happy we visited the capital city and crossed a few things off the bucket list-- a trip to the Parthenon, ancient ruins of the Agora and the stunning modern Acropolis Museum. It was quite the adventure but I don't think we'll return until the economy picks up a little. h played photographer again with the serious camera and took some beautiful photographs:

We visited the major sites on our first night in the city - it was two hours before closing and there were barely any other tourists, which made our visit very relaxing.I was impressed with the large amount of trees that surrounded the city.The girls on the Porch of the Caraytis on the Erechtheion temple were my favorite:I am a sucker for street art, its amazing what people can create in unexpected places.But it was disappointing to see so much spray paint and graffiti on the streets in one of the world's oldest cities.My favorite city scenes: pretty clay tile roofs with tons of unexpected gorgeous flowing flowers and the Roman mosaic tiles in the National Gardens.Have you visited Athens? Did you like the city?


uncommon goods $50 gift card giveaway!

happy memorial day! summer is right around the corner and that means fathers day will be here soon! Uncommon Goods is an online marketplace with a huge selection of quirky and creative items, including great gifts for father’s day. Uncommon Goods has gift ideas for the new dad, sports fan, cyclist, grillmaster and beer lovers. my dad falls under the outdoorsy/beer lover category and i found a few things i think he would love::

ballpark blueprints - travel chef bbq set - beer making kit - tube wringer (this is PERFECT for my dad!) - bad dog tumblers

while h isn’t a father yet...he just celebrated his birthday and he would LOVE Uncommon Goods corporate mission - they strive to make sustainability a part of every decision they make. The company sells environmentally friendly products and engages customers with their Better to Give Program, with every purchase you make, UncommonGoods donates $1 to the non-profit of your choice. to learn more about the company's mission, click here.

grow your own terrarium kit - on the rocks set - optimism/pessimist glasses - titanium multi-tool collar stays - vintage type key cufflink
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friday's fancies #113.

i can't believe it's already memorial day weekend! i am ready for a few lazy days and hopefully a bike ride or two. aside from that i am looking forward to a great gatsby date with my book club girls! 
tee $35 (on sale!) - jeans $47 (on sale!) - tote $168- sandals $110 - bling earrings 3 pairs for $60 jojo loves you is having a HUGE memorial day sale over the weekend! the bling stud earrings are on sale 3/$60 which is a great deal if you can't pick one favorite - i love the whitesapphire frost and pacific green opal pairs.

have a great memorial day weekend! 

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santorini snapshots.

h was quite the photographer on our trip to Greece - he took over 500 photos on our paparazzi camera (canon EOS rebel T3i digital SLR). While I focused on the really important photo-opps with my iPhone -- the food, unique doors, couple-shots and photos of the photographer! Santorini was a beautiful island and I found myself staring at the ocean smiling quite a few times :) Santorini lived up to all of my Sisterhood of the traveling pants dreams (yes I went there) and I would absolutely visit again. Thankfully h took lots of pretty photos so I can re-visit anytime I want:

This was my favorite spot on the island - a church with a pretty bell tower. 

Athens is up next week! 


she's a pill.

do you remember the movie you've got mail? i really love the part when tom hanks calls meg ryan a pill... "she's a pill!" ha! tom hanks can do no wrong. anyways i digress.. i have a bad memory and i keep forgetting to take my vitamins (especially when i'm on vacation!). sooo i am in search of a cute retro-inspired pill box that i can throw in my purse (it's hip to take vitamins, trust me!) i found quite a few cute pill boxes on etsy:: 

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santorini sneak peek.

Happy monday! I am back from Greece - we had a fantastic time and I am so grateful to my friends for guest posting while I was out of the country. Here's a little peek of our first day in Santorini (aka heaven). The views were absolutely breath-taking:
When we arrived in Santorini we were lucky enough to be upgraded to the executive suite at our hotel for a small charge - we got a LOT more space and a balcony... not a bad way to start the trip. We quickly became acquainted with the island and wandered through the winding walled paths of the caldera. 

Around every corner there was a new surprise and LOTS of bright white and blues...
and beautiful flowers and doorways to more ocean views.
Just when you thought it couldn't get any prettier...

I miss it already. 
Stop by this week - I promise to share more Greece tidbits and photos - opa!


friday's fancies guest post: long distance loving.

Hello hello! I'm {av} and I'm so happy to be filling in for {jm}. While I'm beyond jealous of her Grecian adventure, I know she will take great notes on our behalf! I'm thrilled to fill in for her with a vacation chic round of #FridaysFancies. {jm} has been a supporter of Friday's Fancies since the very beginning. In fact, she was the one who encouraged me to start this link-up altogether :) While she's enjoying Greece, I envisioned her in the outfit below. Who can argue with versatile vacay pieces under $50? 

Accessorize Panama Hat {$29} + Gap Two-Tone Canvas Clutch {$30}
LAUREN Ralph Lauren Alexa Sandals in Platino/Eggshell {$48}

What are your vacation "neutral" colors? I always end up with navies and whites, but I know others who swear by blacks and tans. Many thanks again to {jm} for having me today and for being the reason I stuck with blogging! I hope you all have an incredible weekend! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}
P.S. If you blog about fashion, join the Friday's Fancies mailing list here and link up your post! Everyone is welcome :)


guest post: betsy transatlantically.

Hello, Cornflake Dreamers!  I'm Betsy, and I'm delighted to be visiting from Betsy Transatlantically while Jillian's on her Greek adventure with her handsome husband.  I've been to Italy and Spain before, but never Greece - I can't wait to hear the stories and see the photos once they've returned!  Jon, my fiancĂ©, and I have actually been thinking quite a bit about the Mediterranean recently as we've started trying to figure out our honeymoon plans.  We're getting married in England in August, but I'll be coming right back to Washington, DC after the wedding while he'll stay in London, waiting for his visa to move to the US to be confirmed.  So the honeymoon will have to be put on hold until next year, which gives us lots of time to research options! One of Jon's ideas was a trip to Gibraltar. Before he mentioned it, I knew very little about the tiny peninsula on the southern edge of Spain other than that it used to be a key piece of the British Empire, controlling the gateway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, and that John Lennon married Yono Oko there in 1969.  It turns out, though, that Gibraltar is still part of the United Kingdom!
In fact, visiting Gibraltar is apparently like stepping onto English soil except with much better weather.  Even though it's attached to Spain, the people of Gibraltar overwhelming identify as British - when they were asked whether they wanted to be handed over to Spain in 1967, 99.64% of the population voted to remain British, and in 2002 they resoundingly rejected a referendum of shared sovereignty between the UK and Spain.  The official language is English, the currency is pounds sterling, all professions are required to have British qualifications, and there are red post boxes dotted around the territory.  Of course, there's also a Marks and Spencer and a Topshop - basically, it's Britain on the Med! It's also got tons of history and amazing places to visit, from the famous limestone Rock of Gibraltar to an 11th century tower and tunnels instrumental in World War II plus, in the museum, an exploration of Gibraltar's Roman and Moorish past.  The whole territory is only 2.6 square miles so you could probably see everything in a long weekend - how much fun would that be for a quick trip?



guest post: the boot.

Summer has officially arrived, early, here in Barletta! You can tell because at any point during the day, except lunch time of course, you’ll find people out and about in the piazzas eating gelato. In Italy, gelato = summer. I always ask people what flavor is their favorite and the consensus seems to be that in the evening chocolate flavors are a must while during the day, the fruitier options win. 

I’m a fruity ice cream fan myself, but it’s bathing suit season and I have a wedding dress to fit into soon, so today I have a super easy and healthy recipe for you to make your own fruity frozen yogurt at home! It’s a snap to throw together and you can use practically any fruit you like! Plus, if it’s not summer where you are, eating a batch of this will make it feel like it is! :)

Fruity Frozen Yogurt
1 or 1/2 cup very ripe  (peach, banana, pear, berries, watermelon, etc.)
1 cup greek yogurt 
1 tbs sugar (or agave nectar if you want to be even more healthy!)
Peel and chop the fruit and puree it in a food processor. Transfer to a plastic or durable container. Add the yogurt and sugar and stir well. Place in the freezer and every 45 minutes give the mixture a vigorous stir - this will break up the ice that may form and keep it creamy! Continue to stir for another 2-3 hours. Serve immediately! 

If you like, here are more of my healthy recipes. Buon appetito and thanks to the lovely Jill for having me here today!



friday's fancies #112.

happy friday!! we are leaving for GREECE today! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!! it'll be fantastic to travel somewhere new with h and relax for a few days. for the flight i'll dress in lots of layers since i always get hot and then cold :)
sweater $70 - jacket $148 - jeans $50 - sandals $250- omg bag $275 - watch $180

be sure to stop by next week - i've got a great line up of guest bloggers scheduled!


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travel finds: street art.

One of my favorite things about traveling to another country is seeing different art and architecture. I love wandering around and getting a little lost --what better way to explore and discover interesting street art and graffiti! h and I saw the most interesting street art in Istanbul, Turkey:

What is your favorite thing about traveling? 
(I also love trying new food!)


may houzz board.

our trip is just around the corner (THANK YOU for all of your trip tips!) my may houzz board is full of greece inspired picks with LOTS of nautical and blue and white -- here's a peek:
see the rest of my greece inspired picks here. opa!


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good things.

happy monday! this weekend i stayed in chicago (no vegas trip wah-wah) but it turned out to be a fantastic weekend! 
-friday night h and i went to see the joffrey ballet perform othello... it was beeeautiful and my favorite ballet of the season. the costumes, set changes and dancers were amazing and it was refreshing to see one story as opposed to a mixed repertory. 
-on saturday i went shopping while h studied. i splurged on a gorgeous linen baseball sweater and olive jacket from jcrew, hello spring wishlist!
-later that day, we walked to navy pier and played tourist. h has wanted to ride the huge ferris wheel for years, so we finally decided to make it happen. the view from the top was beautiful and if you squint enough lake michigan looks like the ocean ;) after our ride we went on the swings! i love swinging but i didn't expect to have so much fun on the ride -- we were both all smiles the rest of the day.
-on sunday we met the family for brunch at branch 27 (a super cute place in our hood). i was thrilled to be able to ride my bike to the restaurant.


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friday's fancies #111.

happy friday! today my office is hosting its annual luggage party -- four lucky employees win a free trip to Vegas for the weekend (you have to sign up weeks in advance, bring your luggage to work and the winners are announced at the office and then taken immediately to the airport!) i'm crossing my fingers for a WIN but if i stick around Chicago i have some fun weekend plans. h and i have tickets to the ballet tonight - it's Othello and i am excited to see joffrey ballet's interpretation of the classic Shakespeare play. This weekend, we are having brunch in place of Sunday dinner.

dress $55 (i cant wait to wear this dress in greece!) - sandals $25 - jacket $80 - necklace $32


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judging by its cover.

i love the great gatsby... i adore the glamour and fashion of 1920's and in my book LDC (that's leonardo dicapiro) can do no wrong. needless to say i am looking forward to the release of the new film. my book club girls and i have decided we will read the book and see the movie together later this month. EEP! too bad i can't find my copy! sooo what better time to buy a new one... now i just have to decide WHICH cover art i like best::

[hardcover gold pattern $16 - green $13 - girl $11 - red car fumes $14] these are my favorites!

[blue $4 - modern $7 - orange $9]

which one is your favorite? 
pssst: see even more cover art here.


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ps congrats to kayla- you won the ellie giveaway! look out for an email from me.