cornflake dreams.: April 2013


trip tips: greece.

We're off to Greece in 10 days! I've been so distracted by work that I haven't had time to think about our trip or research the best places to visit. We are starting our trip in Santorini and then traveling to Athens for 3 days. We plan to take in the gorgeous views of the caldera and sunsets in Santorini and see the major ruins in Athens. I'd also love to buy some authentic leather sandals in Athens, eat LOTS of feta, tomato and pita bread and take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea but i'm sure there are lots of other things to do. 

I'd love your advice... what should we see? eat? buy?!


good things.

happy monday... i had a great weekend but it went by too fast...
top: {the new mr + mrs. - me and my hot date!}
bottom: {with my other sister-in-law! and h aka ac slater with my nephew}
-friday night h and i had a little date night with happy hour bar bites followed by a few episodes of downton abbey (we're still catching up!)
-saturday we went to my little brother's wedding. the reception was beautiful -- straight out of a rustic-chic wedding pinterst board. it was wonderful to see my family and catch up with old friends. 
-on sunday i met the girls at milk and honey cafe for lunch, worked out and went out for dinner with h's family at mart anthonys (my favorite italian restaurant in the city).


friday's fancies #110.

happy friday! this weekend my little brother is getting married. i found a fantastic dress for the wedding and i can't wait to celebrate with my family::

dress $148 - heels $95 - art

have a great weekend! 

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five things.

{av} and ashley tagged me in their five things post here it goes - time to learn a few more things about me::
i get some crazy strong cravings (no, i'm not pregnant!) but whenever a craving hits i can't stop thinking about that food until have it (currently craving low-fat brown cinnamon and sugar poptarts (and unfortunately they are impossible to find... i've been searching for over a month!)

i'm a color-coding, list-making, schedule freak. it calms me down to have a to-do list and i am happy when i can cross something off my list.

i am super sensitive to smells - i can only tolerate a few candles, i get nauseous on the L -- what is that mystery smell and why is it hiding in my nose??! i tie memories and people to specific smells...Christmas = evergreen yankee candles, mom = chance chanel perfume, family = meatballs. and i am comforted by smells.. i regularly sniff h's hair (he has gotten used to it but still teases me..."you smelling me again!?") 

i'm an over-sharer (hmmm..not surprising right!?) but that's how i deal with things, i TALK them out. a lot. good thing i married a psychiatrist. whoohoo free therapy :) AND SMELLS. ba-ha.

i laugh at my own jokes. see above... o and i like to dance but only in my kitchen or in the car.

now it's your turn... care to share a few quirks?!

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ellie black swan tank giveaway!

i've got a special treat... i'm giving away the ellie black swan tank i LOVE! it's my favorite top for pilates and yoga workouts - the full-length will cover you through any bendy pose! 
swans via 

Key Features: High-performance, microfiber fabric has moisture wicking to keep you dry and fresh; Easy wash and dry for laundry time; Fabric shields with ultraviolet protection so you can focus on your sport, not your sun concerns and Long lasting anti-bacterial material that is safe and skin friendly

if you're new to ellie -- here's the deal: the online shop features a new collection every month and there are two ways to shop. as a non-member shop the site (pieces range from $34 - $69) or sign up to be a FitFashionistaClub member and choose any two pieces each month for $49.95/month and receive free shipping/returns, priority access to monthly collections and access to exclusive events like flash sales and discounts. whatever you choose there is also an option to take a style quiz -- ellie will recommend a few great pieces and you can shop those picks.

as a special treat to cornflake dreams' readers i am giving away a SMALL black swan tank. One winner will be announced next wednesday, May 1, 2013. enter below and good luck!



craving: pineapple.

pineapple is hands down my favorite fruit. i have trouble eating fruit but i won't pass up the opportunity to eat some pineapple! the fruit is super versatile and can be used in sweet AND savory dishes:

what is your favorite fruit?



good things.

HOLA and happy monday! i feel rested and refreshed after a productive AND relaxing weekend!
dvd $5 - yoga mat $18 - tank $35 (i LOVE this tank, it's a little longer which is perfect for yoga or pilates and it has a built-in bra)- capris $25

- a few weeks ago, i shared with you that i was diagnosed with crohns... i am happy to report that after starting my medication i am feeling GREAT! i have SO much energy and a lot fewer symptoms. 
- now that i have more energy i am trying to get back into a workout routine. i worked it out on sunday with an hour long pilates video (one that i've had for years... i've memorized a lot of the trainers quirky jokes and h caught me talking to the tv a few times). all that aside, i had a great workout! 
- saturday night i attempted to cook up a new recipe from pinterest - avocado pasta. sounds tasty right? FAIL. h will eat just about anything but after one bite we decided to venture out for something else (we visited nini's, a small cuban deli in our hood and h got a REALLY tasty chicken sandwich. i got ben & jerry's. so maybe the pinterest fail wasn't such a bad thing :)
-happy earth day!!



friday's fancies #109.

happy friday! this weekend i am meeting a friend for lunch and working on my brothers wedding website (he is getting married in the bahamas next year!) other than that i'll probably watch a few movies and snuggle up inside...chicago has had TONS of rain in the past few days, so i am hoping sunny days are ahead (i am dying to wear sandals again)::

tee $23 - jeans $70 - jacket $90 - sandals $85 - necklace $46

have a great weekend!


eat your veggies (and noodles)!

i am v excited about a new meal we have added to our rotation of dinners. it's an easy-to-bake chicken noodle casserole with tons of veggies. start with a base of half a diced onion, a diced shallot and two minced cloves of garlic sautéed in chicken stock and then mix in whatever veggies you want! i like to add broccoli and zucchini but we've tried the casserole with artichoke, zucchini, lemon juice and feta and it's delicious.

my recipe is adapted from one i found here. i use less cheese and no milk...but i promise it's still really tasty and it is an easy way to eat your veggies. 

do you have any new dinner favorites?


a nautical spring.

after i cleaned out my closet the other week i noticed that i needed a few classic staples. i went on a mini nautical stripe shopping spree and found some great pieces that will transition from spring into summer AND can easily be paired with other clothes i already own. now the weather just needs to warm up in chicago so i can wear my new nautical pieces::
hooded trench $129 - lace top $20 - cardigan $35 - stripped shorts $32 - pave tab strand $48 - stripe dress $28 

what trends are you loving this spring?


prayers for boston.

via - via
i am sending my thoughts and prayers to Boston today. i've only been to the city once but it will always be a happy place for me. i made great memories when i visited, meeting new friends and exploring the classic American city. it breaks my heart that people can be so senseless and hurtful with their actions, especially during an event that is suppose to bring so much joy. keep the city, runners and spectators in your thoughts and pray for a safer future.


shop crush: ellington.

i have been a fan of ellington for yearsthe mia tote is my go-to bag (aside from louie, of course). ellington is portland handbag company that sells quality bags at very reasonable prices. i liked my mia tote so much that i decided to buy the sleek mia cross-body black bag for my upcoming trip to greece. i think it'll be perfect for running around athens and sitting beach-side in santorini. the mia collection is made out of ellington's signature nylon washed twill, the fabric is durable, water resistant and easy to clean!
mia tote in olive $129 - mia crossbody black purse $79  - mia crossbody blue purse $79 - mia folding tote in black $179 (bonus: if you sign up for ellington's email list you'll receive a discount off your first purchase).


ps the winner of the rikshaw spring scarf giveaway is emily of blue dog belle!! congrats! the winner will be notified via email.


friday's fancies #108.

Happy Friday chickadees! H is on call tonight so i am spending the night relaxing and catching up on all of my bravo shows (millionaire matchmaker and the real housewives of OC!). this weekend we're seeing both of our families for dinner (his on saturday, mine on sunday) and i am meeting up with the girls on sunday for lunch - can’t wait! :)

sweater $75 - rainboots $135 - jeans $50 - jacket $35 - tote $21
(FYI bauble bar is offering up a HUGE stock up sale on stud earrings: 3 pairs for $45 AND you can get a free pair of the Gold Mini Pave Cone Studs, regularly $24, if you use promo code ExtraPair)

Have a great weekend!


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shop crush: ashley brooke designs.

I’ve got a huge shop crush on ashley brooke designs! The online shop is full of fun & sassy pieces that will brighten your day. My favorites are the “hey there buttercup” notecards and “I like the way you work it” mug. ummm awesome :)

mr. & mrs. mugs $40 - buttercup cards $18 - you've got fancy mail stamps $24 - sunnies print $25 - work it mug $23 

Do you have any new shop crushes?


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creating the perfect patio.

this month my houzz board is full of picks for the perfect patio! h and i have an itty bitty patio but someday i'd like to have a big table for outdoor dinners and parties! here are a few of my favorite april houzz picks:: 

see the rest of my patio picks and check out all of my houzz boards here.

what does your dream patio look like?

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rikshaw design spring scarf giveaway!

it finally feels like spring in chicago!! to celebrate the return of sunny weather i am teaming up with rikshaw design for a special spring giveaway -- one lucky reader will win a gorgeous rikshaw design scarf (you pick the pattern)! 

enter to win a rikshaw design spring scarf below! 
one lucky winner will be announced monday, april 15th. best of luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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friday's fancies #107.

happy friday!!! this weekend h and i are running around town to do a few errands and im hoping it'll warm up enough to take the bikes out! we're also finally watching Argo, which should be interesting (the majority of h's extended family lives in tehran and i hope someday it will be safe enough for us to visit). sunday is book club with the girls -- i  admit i didn't even start the book this month... #guilty #itsbeenalongmonth #imgoingforthegossip
tank $45 - cardigan $25 - skinny skimmer pants $40 - flats $80

have a great weekend!


craving: chicken pot pie.

one of my all-time favorite comfort foods is the chicken pot-pie. unfortunately, it's also a calorie-bomb, so i limit my pot-pie consumption to one or two times a year. i'm tempted to skip the frozen marie calendar route and try a new recipe::

what comfort foods do you crave?
(i also love a good grilled cheese sandwich or soup!) 



travel in patterns.

i would love to visit india someday but until i can make the trip i am smitten with the colorful and exotic patterns from rikshaw design - an online boutique full of gorgeous handblocked bohemian textiles. rikshaw has a great collection of scarves, tunics and lounge wear for women, tops, dresses, rompers and hats for babies and children and comfy bedding. (i LOVE the yellow elephant quilt for babies).

stop by next week for a special rikshaw giveaway! 



good things.

ahhmazing edit your wardrobe diagram via

-happy monday! i feel refreshed and rested after a laid-back weekend full of naps and comfort food (piece pizza!). 
-spring has arrived in chicago and i am LOVING the warmer weather (hello flats, goodbye bulky boots!) h and i took a few walks and i soaked up the was fantastic.
-on saturday we planned to indulge in a marathon of recorded the walking dead episodes but after an hour i got bored. don't you hate when that happens?!
-sunshine aside, the highlight of my weekend was finally taking the time to edit my closet. i discovered quite a few pieces that i haven't worn in years or just looked weird. i ended up donating two heavy bags of clothes AND found a few fantastic pieces i forgot i owned.