weekend good things!

this weekend was basically a big fat persian reunion :) h's brother and his wife were in town from portland AND my mother-in-law surprised us with a visit from arkansas! we spent the weekend hanging out and visiting some of our favorite restaurants. we went to Mart Anthony's for italian on friday and Reza's Restaurant in andersonville on saturday. i love big family dinners because it's the BEST time to try something new, while enjoying great company.

at reza's we had a table full of food that started with parley, radishes, feta cheese and warm pita bread (my favorite!). we ordered the maust museer (this restaurant spelled it differently than Doostan- my fave persian restaurant, and they added dill to the shallot yogurt dip, which was pretty tasty). we also had a plate of kashkeh bodemjan (mashed roasted eggplant, caramelized onion, whey, garlic and mint). i'm not a huge eggplant fan so i passed on that dish. 

for the main course i ordered the meal that never disappoints me: grilled boneless chicken kabob with dill rice but this time i loaded on the sumac (a traditional persian spice for meat). h got the ghormeh sabzi (a chopped vegetable beef stew with kidney beans and lemon juice) which i finally tried-and liked! The table shared an order of falfels and my mother-in-law gave me a few pieces of her beef koobideh kabob (skewers of juicy charbroiled seasoned ground sirloin). OMG. SO SO good.

have you ever tried persian food? did you like it? 
what is your favorite type of food to eat at family dinners?


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  1. Yum! All of this food looks soooo good!

  2. i want all of this right now!! i love sumac. i think i will cook with that tonight!

  3. Amazing post! I love it:)


  4. YUM. LOVE Persian food. There's a restaurant in Louisville called Saffron that I dream about!

  5. What a delicious spread! My mama and I both agree that Middle Eastern food is more comforting than mac & cheese to the two of us, so we always stick with Greek/Persian/Turkish food for big family dinners–or Indian, of course!

  6. I've actually never have had persian food! Need to try it!

  7. Oh my that sounds amazing!!! Wow oh wow!

  8. Ah I want to invite myself over for dinner sometime. Looks amazing Jillian!

  9. That look real delish!


  10. i've never tried persian food, but everything about this meal (including the eggplant) sounds good to me. maybe a weekend activity?

  11. yes! i haven't had any in so long! this is making me HONGRAY! ;)


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