i have so much to be thankful for this year...
this is one of my favorite quotes (from Marcel Proust) and photo (from italy)

i am grateful for my health. i feel like a different person from last year - i finally have my crohn's under control (with medication) and now i have the energy to workout again (it's nice to feel strong!) and i am not tired all of the time.

i am thankful for my husband. he got me through a pretty rough year and he makes me laugh every day. he is also a wonderful travel companion and i am so thankful that were lucky enough to spend 4 weeks together exploring greece, seattle, portland and italy. i still can't believe we made our wanderlust wishlist a reality. 

i am thankful for my friends and our weekend brunch and book club dates together. you are the most supportive and strong group of women i have ever known and i am so grateful for our friendship. also, thank you to my best friend who always shows up to barre class - it makes it a lot more fun to have have someone to laugh with when we are thrusting our way through class...

and finally i am thankful for the holidays. it really is the most wonderful time of the year and i intend to celebrate with the people i love (my family!) and take some time to just relax and enjoy it all. 

have a happy thanksgiving chickadees!!! i'll be back next week.


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  1. What this time of year really is all about :) Happy Thanksgiving pretty lady!!
    xx, Emily
    shell chic'd

  2. what a sweet post! i'm glad your chron's is managed and you're feeling better! happy thanksgiving!

  3. Such amazing things to be thankful for. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  4. Aww..I love your list and happy Thanksgiving to you too, darling:) xoxo

  5. What a wonderful post! Hope you guys enjoy the holiday and have a very happy Thanksgiving!

  6. So many great things to be thankful for! Happy thanksgiving!

  7. Cheers to another fabulous year ahead! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving lady!


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