good things.

hello and happy monday! this weekend was full of good things...

on friday our marketing dept. went out to lunch at Inspiration Kitchens, a social enterprise restaurant that provides essential social services to Chicagoans hardest hit by homelessness and poverty. Inspiration Kitchens  helps individuals gain valuable skills and experience that leads to employment in the food service industry. i am very proud of my Firm's involvement with Inspiration Kitchens, one of the Partner's serves as General Counsel no Inspiration Corporation on a pro bono basis. it was fun to visit the restaurant and learn more about the program and the food is really good. i recommend the motzo ball gumbo with chicken and andouille gumbo, pimento grilled cheese and the flourless chocolate cake with ice cream and toasted marshmallow. yummmm.

saturday was friendsgiving and book club! it was fantastic to see friends and eat thanksgiving comfort food - turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, pecan pie and julie's famous chocolate cream pie! 

i made chocolate chip pumpkin cookies...they were pretty good but tasted more like muffins than cookies!

saturday night we went out for dinner with my father-in-law to Smoque BBQ. it's my new favorite! the brisket and cornbread was SOOO good!!! 

the weekend ended on a rough note. a series of tornados hit illinois on sunday and we had very bad storms in the city. the severe wind and rain made me want to hide in our bedroom for most of the day....i am NOT a fan of storms!

how was your weekend!?


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  1. I want a Friendsgiving!!!! How fun!

  2. All of this food looks amazing!

  3. Ah sounds like the perfect fall weekend!! :)

  4. Yum, seriously all the food looks amazing and delicious. Also my weekend was the same and it ended just like yours. Although I live in Wisconsin and we did not have tornados, we were under a tornado watch and it was pretty scary.


  5. Love the idea of the Inspiration Kitchen and their foods looks fantastic (actually all of the food does!).

  6. What a delicious weekend–and glad to hear you made it through yesterday's storms safely!

  7. yummmmy! A couple of friends of mine had separate friendsgivings this past weekend. i love that idea!


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