chicago eats: sunday dinner bucket list.

as most of you know every sunday h and i go out with his family for dinner. we usually go to places that offer vegetarian and (somewhat) healthy options, so everyone can find something to eat (and we avoid the overly smancy restaurants). we like to try new restaurants but of course, we have our favorite spots too:

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sunday dinner favorites:
  1. Cumin (Indian) - wicker park  
  2. DeColores - (authentic mexican) - pilsen 
  3. Doostan (persian) - west rogers park 
  4. Dragonfly Mandarin (chinese) - west side 
  5. Flo - (Tex Mex and great brunch too!) - west town
  6. Greek Islands - greek town
  7. Habana Libre (cuban) - west town
  8. Jerry's (sandwiches)- wicker park
  9. Lillie's Q (BBQ) - bucktown 
  10. Giordano's (deep-dish) - downtown (i actually prefer lou malnati's!)
  11. Mart Anthony's (Italian) - west town
  12. Pequods (pan pizza) - lincoln park  
  13. Piece (thin pizza) - wicker park 
  14. Two (american) - west town
  15. Vinny's (italian subs) - west town
and these are some new spots i would love to try...

Anteprima (italian) - andersonville 
Bar Toma (pizza) - downtown 
Big Jones (southern american) - andersonville
Davanti Enoteca (italian) - little italy
Havana (cuban/latin) - river north 
Mercadito (mexican) - river north 
Mindy's Hot Chocolate (desserts/american) - wicker park
La Scarola (italian) - west town
RPM (italian small plates) - river north
Southport Grocery (brunch) - lakeview
Taxim (greek) - wicker park

what are you favorite restaurants in Chicago or in your city?

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  1. One of the things I miss the most about the city is Southport Grocery. The cupcakes are worth the drive in from the suburbs every once in a while.

  2. This food is making me so hungry! Ill have to remember this post if I am ever back in Chicago! I am all about Indian and Mexican good! Yum!

  3. I'm heading to Endgrain this weekend (Roscoe Village) and I'll let you know how it is! They are said to have one of the best biscuits in the states, via Food & Wine magazine.

  4. Wow don't think yall will run out of options for a while. All of the food looks so, so good (especially as I'm drinking my V8)!

  5. OK this is terrible, but I have only been to ONE of these restaurants! I need to get on it!

  6. And now I have my list for when I go to Chicago! (One day)!!! Sigh...

  7. Oh my goodness, your food photos are making me crave a pizza:) I love Greek food and we have a little place just a few blocks away that serves the most amazing Greek dishes. Muah, lovely.

  8. I could definitely get into Sunday night dinners with you guys!

  9. It's not inexpensive, but well priced for what you get: Le Petit Paris. It's in a weird location — a condo building near the John Hancock, but it's damn good.

    P.S. I prefer Lou's too!


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