weekend good things.

happy monday chickadees - this weekend was full of lots of good things (and i can't believe it's already over!) 

-friday's highlight was portillo's chocolate cake (for my boss' birthday). if you haven't tried it before, do it. you won't believe that it's from fast-food italian beef restaurant. the cake is HUGE and it has the best chocolate frosting. portillo's does chocolate cake right.

-saturday we took advantage of the unusually warm weather and went on a bike ride around the neigborhood. it was so fun to be on our bikes and i am not ready to store them away for winter. 

-later that afternoon we listened to a few episodes of NPR (i surprised h last christmas with a USB drive of 35 hours of This American Life stories). i also spent a few hours reading reconstructing amelia (i'm almost done and i can't wait to see how it ends).  

-that night, we went to a diner with h's family in Old Town. breakfast for dinner is the best, i got a huge omelet with tons of cheese, zucchini and tomatoes. 

-on sunday we watched thousands running the chicago marathon (including my best friend), it was exciting to see so many runners and supporters. luckily the weather was gorgeous too! cool and sunny - perfect for running. 

-i took advantage of some great online sales (40% off everything at GAP and 50% off everything at JCREW factory) and scooped up a few things for me and for the holidays (yes, that's right i have officially started christmas shopping). 

-we finished the weekend with a few episodes of season one of mad men, (we missed the first few seasons of the show). unfortunately, we had to watch the episodes on our tiny computer because our TV isn't working (our bulb burnt out last tuesday and we're still waiting on a replacement). 

how was your weekend?! 

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ps congratulations to Shelby, you won the Xperience Days giveaway - i'll email you shortly with the details!


  1. Love your weekend recap! That cake looks absolutely ridiculous!

  2. sounds like a perfect weekend of all good things! :)

  3. I hit up the Factory sale too....but it didn't even occur to me to start Christmas shopping!!! You are a smart cookie!

    Looks like the best kind of weekend!!

  4. What a fun weekend. I'm not big on desserts but that cake looks like it would change my mind. Early Mad Men was so great. Happy Monday!

  5. We went biking on Saturday, too! Decided we had to try out that new bike rental thing that's all over town (can't remember the name of it off the top of my head). Although I have to admit, I wasn't too impressed. It ended up being kinda a pain in the butt because there were several malfunctions at the stations where you had to park 'em, but oh well! It was worth it because it was so freakin GORGEOUS. We rode along lakeshore drive and it was perfect. :)

  6. That slice of chocolate cake looks MAGNIFICENT!

  7. um, that cake. are you kidding me?? i just put reconstructing amelia on hold!!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! And that cake?!?! Oh my gosh looks amazing!

  9. Obsessed with Mad Men! I thought for a minute maybe it came back on without me realizing!! ;)

  10. i loved TAL but forget to listen. it used to be a tradition of mine that i need to start back up!
    that cake looks amazing.


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