roma - part one.

We started our Italian adventure in Rome. 

I've wanted to visit the eternal city ever since i watched Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday with my grandma when I was younger. I have always associated Rome with winding streets, speedy vespas, the Trevi fountain, gelato and the grand Colosseum.  rome did not disappoint -  it was everything I imagined and more! 

On the first two days in the city we visited a lot of major sites: the spanish steps, trevi fountain, pantheon, forum romanum, arch of constantine, monument to vittorio emanuele II and a number of churches. We returned at the end of our trip to visit vatican city and the villa borghese gardens. I couldn't get over how CLEAN and walkable everything was for such a large city. The people were friendly and we didn't have any trouble finding good food (more on that later!) If you visit Italy, you should absolutely make Rome apart of your trip!

all photos were taken by my husband :)

Trip tip: if you are visiting the colosseum pre-order your tickets online, you can print them at home and skip the CRAZY amusement park lines :) 
Have you visited Rome? What were your favorite spots?


  1. Excited by your posts....our family is planning a trip to Rome and Florence next summer. Thanks for the tip about the tickets!!!

    xo Elizabeth

  2. look forward to seeing more! you had beautiful weather it seems. I am always amazed at how OLD rome is...amazing

  3. My goodness your photos are stunning!!!! Wow oh wow!

  4. I spent four weeks in Rome this summer studying abroad and it makes me want to go back so bad. I definitely miss it so much!

  5. LoveloveLOVE Italy! Although I enjoyed Florence more than Rome (in terms of bigger cities). Rome has fantastic historical sights, but it just got a little tourist-heavy. Definitely spend time in Tuscany if you can - my own little home-away-from home was Cortona!

  6. Ah! H's pictures are absolutely stunning! So, so beautiful :) I haven't been to Rome, but it's on my list... can't wait to hear more about the food ;) xxx

  7. Ah love Rome. Just wandering the streets, stopping for a glass of wine and a bite of pizza.

  8. So beautiful! We only spent a few whirlwind days in Rome, but they were wonderful!

  9. Soo gorgeous Jillian! I hate to say that I didn't have the best time in Rome, but I blame that on the fact that it was 103 degrees and at the tail-end of our ten day tour of Italy in which I lived out of a suitcase at hostels! You can't deny that it is a stunning city though, and I promise myself I will go back and do it the right way :)

  10. gorge! I love Rome and we try to get there often...I'm happily surprised you thought it was clean!


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