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HI! I'm Holly from Little Miss Holls & in honor of Jillian traveling over to Italy, I'm going to talk about that very place that she is going to, right here on her blog today :) Italy is basically my ultimate dream vacation. Dining al fresco at an adorable Italian restaurant, eating freshly made pasta, sipping a glass of red wine, listening to the romantic Italian language being spoken all around you... sounds kind of perfect to me! It sounds so perfect in fact, that we went ahead and planned our own Italian dream vacation since we were thinking about it :)

My husband & I are planning on traveling to Italy for our 1-year wedding anniversary. If you don't already know, we just got married (like 2.5 months ago) & we've already planned the majority of trip next year (excited much?). Check out where we plan on going below...

This is probably the place that I can't wait to visit the most! I can't wait to hike between the towns, swim along the Italian coastline & take in all the gorgeous & colorful hillside views.

We're skipping Rome & doing Florence instead. A) because of time & B) I think I'd rather explore a smaller city & see everything I want to see than a larger city & only see a portion of it. Plus, when I came across this castle I just knew we had to go here & taste some delicious Chianti wines.

So many people have told me to make Venice a MUST on our trip, largely because it's just so unique compared to the rest of the country. And I think it's absolutely crazy that there are no cars in Venice! The thought of not having my car in my everyday life makes me panic - but I can't wait to see what it's like to wander all around town, up & down canals without vehicles getting the the way.

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I can't wait for Jillian to go visit everything wonderful in Italy & then come back & tell us all about it! Have the best time & let us know all the places you recommend, so I can add them to my list!

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xo, holly of little miss holls

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  1. Beautiful images. Ah to be back in Cinque Terre or Florence right now! Such gorgeous places.


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