cornflake dreams.: guest post: a home away from home.


guest post: a home away from home.

Hello Cornflake Dreams readers!  While Jillian and her love are off galavanting across Italy, I thought I'd take a few moments to share some of my tried and trusted tips for surviving long distance flights.  As a born and bred southern California girl turned South African expat, I've somehow become {somewhat} accustomed to the frequent 24-hour transatlantic trips home.

1) Comfort is king. I know this one is somewhat controversial, but on any flight longer than ten hours you aren't going to be at your best when you disembark, regardless of what you're wearing. Rather wear a comfy pair of boots {like these} and a poncho {like this} and get in some well needed zzzz's.

2) A toiletries bag. Especially when you're meeting friends or family on the other side.  Since my flight home requires 24 hours of constant travel, I usually resemble something of a zombie when I finally land at LAX. I've learned to board my flight sans make-up and then freshen up about an hour before landing. I typically carry a washcloth, face soap, face lotion, a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and a few make-up basics. It works wonders!

3) Tylenol PM. Really though. This one perhaps ranks as my most essential item. Getting a few decent hours of rest could mean the difference between arriving at your destination feeling upbeat and excited versus battling fatigue and jet-lag throughout the first several days of your trip. For someone who's extremely weary of taking sleep medication, I find that Tylenol PM is a nice and effective compromise.

4) An iPod. Aside from the obvious, my iPod is a lifesaver whenever there's a cranky baby nearby or I want to drown out the in-flight announcements while I'm trying to sleep.

5) Skymiles. If you're a semi-frequent long distance flyer, I can't say enough about joining a good skymiles program. I partner with Delta because they have a nice Johannesburg -> Atlanta -> Los Angeles flight route, but there's also plenty of other options. Aside from the actual miles I've accrued, over the years I've built up a pretty decent status. This means that I always get to use the first class check-in line, my luggage is always checked under 'priority', I get to board flights along with business class passengers and I get preference on emergency exit seating. Oh, and I get free domestic upgrades on connections in the US. I cannot tell you how much easier this makes the whole flying process and you'd be surprised how quickly your miles start to translate into tangible benefits!

What are your most essential travel items... anything I missed?

xo, jenna of a home away from home


  1. I second you on the iPod...once I was in a flight with many families. I just waited for the flight to be up in the air so I could put my headers on and silence off almost everything. I'd add a book to your list. Once I've managed to finish a book on a transatlantic flight from Amsterdam to Detroit!

  2. Great tips Jenna.

    I agree - on transcontinental flights, being comfortable is paramount. I should try the Tylenol PM thing... you can't buy it here and I'm pretty sure it wasn't available in Canada when I was there last so will have to remember to pick some up the next time I'm in the USA.

  3. Thanks for having me Jillian! From the looks of it you guys are having the time of your lives in Italy :) xxx