portland: the rose city.

We took a Seattle amtrak train to Portland, it was a really fun way to see the Puget Sound along the way (and avoid another plane ride). While we were in Portland we spent the majority of our time with h's family (his brother and wife live in Portland). We got together for a cookout and visited Portland's famous Rose and Japanese Gardens. July is the perfect time to visit - all of the flowers were in bloom and the weather was perfect! I still can't get over how GREEN the city was:
(h's brother eloped in the rose garden a few months ago, so it was fun to take photos of the happy couple at such a sentimental spot.)
Want to see more?! 
Seattle sights, Chihuly garden and glass exhibit and Pacific Northwest eats.



  1. How gorgeous is this garden!?

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I hope to make it to the Pacific Northwest some day.

  3. Beautiful photos! We went to the Japanese garden back in the spring, but none of the roses were in bloom yet! We definitely need to go back ASAP! xoxo

  4. One of our closest friends is from Portland and after a recent visit, he brought us back the most amazing basket of goodies and stories about his magical hometown. If his parents weren't headed to SF for Thanksgiving, I think we'd hitch a ride!

  5. Looks like such a serene location!


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