craving: pesto.

when i lived at home with my parents we usually had a small container of pesto sauce in the fridge. no one, aside from my mom, touched the stuff. she always ate it with cheese tortellini and told my it was reallly good but i was afraid to try it. i thought it would taste the way it looked -icky green. thankfully, i got a little more adventurous with food and it turns out, mom knew what-was-what all along. now i'm kinda obsessed with the stuff and always trying new ways of incorporating it into my meals. here's a roundup of great pesto recipes:

pesto penne pasta - caprese quinoa salad with spinach pesto - caprese crostini with pesto - pesto rollspesto chicken pizza  - pesto avocado melt - - grilled pesto chicken and tomato kebabs 

are you a pesto fan? what's your favorite way to use pesto? 
(i love to pair pesto with goat cheese on a crostini aka the easiest appetizer you'll ever make).


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  1. I love pesto! My all time favorite is a pizza topped with sausage, goat cheese, and cramelized onions. I blogged the recipe last year on A Squared too.

  2. Yum! You and me both! I love pesto!

  3. Oh pesto! My mama used to make it in giant batches in the summer, and now we always have a tub (or two!) around. In fact, we had pesto on rotini just last night!

  4. great minds think alike! i woke up this morning craving pesto - but i went the lazy route and went and bought some store-made for some GF pizza :) xo

  5. I love pesto so dang much. Thanks for the recipe recommendations.

  6. well now I want pesto. thanks. haha!

    it's also DELISH as a marinade for baked or grilled salmon! try it and let me know what you think :)

  7. I can't get enough. This is definitely my favorite thing to make with pesto: http://www.dailydishblog.com/2012/07/greek-pesto-pasta-salad_09.html


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