cornflake dreams.: closet clean-up.


closet clean-up.

fall is right around the corner!! to get ready for a new season and colder weather, i am trying a new way of organizing and cleaning out my closet. 

wear an item, wash it, put it at the end of your closet and don't wear it again until you wear EVERYTHING else in your closet. this forces you to wear everything in your closet (or at least consider wearing it!) i don't know about you, but i tend to gravitate towards the same things all of the time. this is an easy (and free) way to assess your closet and discover "new" clothes. whatever i decide i don't want to keep, i plan to sell. check my instagram pics and facebook page for "new" items and rest assured, i don't plan on selling outdated or faded items. i will only sell things that i feel guilty about getting rid of (aka those "hide it on the bottom of the donation bag" so the husband doesn't see that i am getting rid of it.) all sales final.

do you have any closet cleaning or organization tips?

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  1. great idea! i always go for the some pieces and when i rediscover something, it's always fun to wear it again!

  2. I wanted everything you posted on Instagram. you have such cute clothes!

    I hoard. don't ask me for decluttering advice haha

  3. I don't have any tips, but I totally need to clean my closet!

  4. Such a great idea! I definite;y get mroe creative the closer I get to laundry day though ;)

  5. I should probably do the same thing! Just started tossing things today. I'm so ready for fall now!

  6. that's such a good idea! I'd probably be horrified at what I don't wear when faced with the facts.

  7. This seems like it would be so hard! I try to purge my closet every few months, but I feel like having options is comforting!


  8. if i was your size i would've snatched them up! that shirt from spain was really pretty.
    i just organize by season. not really by color--no time for that! ;)