book club.

do you do the book club thing? i do and i love it. my friends and i have a book/dinner/drinks club where we rotate hosting dinner at our place and discuss the selected book of the month (among other things!) the host offers up three book suggestions, we vote and then the top book is "assigned." i've only finished 2 since the start of summer...i blame that pesky 9-5 job but they were good ones...

book club picks: beautiful ruins by jess walter and let's explore diabetes with owls by david sedaris. i also recommend sharp objects by gillian flynn (she's the author of gone girl) and i am currently reading (and loving) glass castle by jeanette walls. next up: dark places by gillian flynn (can you tell i'm a fan?!) and lean in by sheryl sandberg (a co-worker gave me this book and i can't wait to start it).

have you read any good books this summer?

ps thank you for all of your italy trip tips!! i am even more excited about our vacation now :)

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  1. So funny... I posted a book review today on Lessons from Madame Chic- Loved it! I have been dying to going a book club near me.

    1. Lessons From Madame Chic is one of my favorite books! I want to find some like-minded friends in Chicago...women like the author, Jennifer L. Scott, would be so fun to hang out with!

  2. i have a summer reading list too..i am almost done w/ 2 of the 5 books! i have a ways to go..haha. I read Gone Girl and def want to read her other 2 books. Love the author's writing style.

  3. I want to read Beautiful Ruins so bad.

    I belonged to a book club. I didn't read one book, but they served really good food.

  4. I love my book club! It's so nice to have an evening with the girls and drink wine and discuss books. I actually just started reading The Telling Room. Love it

  5. I've always wanted to be in a book club, it sounds so fun! I'm also dying to read Lean In, I've heard a lot of really good things!

  6. I loved The Glass Castle! Haven't read a book that quickly in a long time.

  7. I started a book club earlier this year and it's so fun. Our is a little different in that we meet for brunch on Saturday morning, and one person is in charge of setting the date/book. There's no negotiating dates or rescheduling, since that was the downfall of our previous club.

    I think I am going to select that Jess Walters book next time it's my turn. It looks great!


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