pacific northwest: must eats.

This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone...but one of my favorite things about traveling is the FOOD! The Pacific Northwest did not disappoint and we had a lot of great meals (and treats) last week! here's my favorites:
-Bacon jam burger with arugula and blue cheese - Skillet Diner - (they have a food truck + counter too!) the famous food truck was featured on the Cooking Channel's "Eat Street" and the food was just as good as it looked on t.v. 
-French toast with tons of fresh berries from the breakfast bar - Portage Bay Cafe - i got the kids size and the serving was still huge.
-Blueberry crumb cupcake with brown sugar cream cheese icing + malt ice cream - Cupcake Royale - this is my new favorite combo!
-The gooch: hot sliced tri-tip beef, red onions, sharp cheddar cheese, horseradish mayo and a side of au jus on a demi baguette at Honey Hole - h's brother recommended this place, the sandwiches were huge and full of flavor. 
-Hot, fresh mini-donuts - Daily Dozen Donuts at Pike Place Market. confession: we split a dozen! but they were minis! I really like the chocolate sprinkle + cinnamon sugar toppings.
-Peanut butter chocolate oat cookie - Macrina bakery 

-Capt'n crunch donut - Voodoo Donuts my all-time favorite...beware of the sugar coma)
-h and I shared the spaghetti with braised pork, plum tomato, thyme and parmesan AND the herbed risotto with basil pesto, flava beans, roasted garlic - Clarklewis - the modern-american restaurant is located in a hip industrial area and I loved the open kitchen and lively atmosphere. 
-Ice cream - Salt & Straw - this was another place featured on The Food Network - they have tons of unique flavors like strawberry with cilantro lime cheesecake but I ordered the birthday cake and blackberries (SO refreshing) and i tried the salted caramel (crazy good).

Are you hungry yet?! 


  1. I'm dying to plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest-- and this post makes me want to even more! And it makes me really hungry.


  2. STARVING! That spaghetti looks amazing! Wow oh wow!

    I've heard so much about VooDoo. I'm glad they're worth the hype!

  3. I agree, thats deff one of my favorite parts about traveling. I feel like you dont really get to fully experience the place until you eat the food!


  4. I'm DROOLING–and with Ms Branflake that the spaghetti looks incredible!!

  5. jillian-
    looks like you had a blast in my hometown! I actually just posted my favorite eats in Portland when you only have 48 hours but it looks like you made it to some of the best :)!



  6. spaghetti with braised pork, plum tomato, thyme and parmesan


    that's how I feel about that.


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