cornflake dreams.: h's cream cheese black bean salsa tacos.


h's cream cheese black bean salsa tacos.

h makes killer black bean tacos... they are a tasty way for me to incorporate healthy protein into my diet! they are packed with veggies and include almost all of my favorite simple salsa ingredients.  

start with:
1/4 bell pepper diced 
1/4 white or purple onion diced

sauté vegetables in a pan (spray with pam before adding veggies)

mix in and cook: 
2 - large cloves of garlic diced 
dice a large bunch of cilantro (we LOVE this stuff)
1 - medium tomato diced
1 - 16 oz. can of black beans (rinse before adding)
4 oz (1/2 can of small can) of whole kernel sweet corn
4 - tablespoons of lowfat cream cheese (this is basically the only "fattening" ingredient in the recipe, so add as much or as little as you'd like)
1/4 - cup of water

stir frequently until the the sauce thickens up, remove the top to let the water boil off. 

fill your taco (i like to heat my flour shells on a pan until they are crispy, no pam or oil required). top with cheese or shredded cabbage (i like to buy a bag of coleslaw mix: shredded cabbage and carrots and i use it dry like lettuce to add some crunch in wraps, sandwiches and on tacos). this recipe serves 1 hungry h and 1 jill or 4 when you serve with a side of rice.

do you have any new healthy recipes?


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  1. This just made me hungry. Like, the hunger pains started as I was reading the ingredient list.

    I am looking for more and more non-meat meals and this would be perfect. I love love adding plantbased proteins.

  2. Oh my gosh. Tacos are one of our favorites and these look seriously amazing. You're lucky you live with a guy who's talented in the kitchen! :)

  3. I am totally bookmarking this recipe for the weekend. Have a beautiful day, darling.