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Hi everyone, this is Liz dropping by today from Coach House Pictures. First I'd like to send a shout out to the cutest couple Jillian & H and wish them a happy wedding anniversary and hope they are enjoying there trip to Seattle this week! 

Today I wanted to share with you a great way to add a small personal touch to your wedding invitations, by adding a liner.  I recently got married (less than 3 weeks ago) and we used this idea to give our envelopes a fresh pop of color while also staying within our DIY friendly budget. It's really a simple and fun way to add a little more personality to your invitations and also gets your envelopes a little more weight and heft to them. Plus its a fun way for you and your hunny to create something together. So gather your materials, pour yourselves a glass of wine and hit the play button on your favorite Pandora station and follow these simple steps to help you tie together your wedding invitation suite!

* Envelopes 
* Roll of wrapping paper/ sheets of decorative paper to match your invitations
* Scissors

STEP 1: Find the envelope template in your kit that matches your envelope size. We used a standard size of A7 envelopes. Being by tracing your template on your 
paper. To avoid cutting so much we lined up the edges of one side of the template so we would only have to cut that side once, instead of twice. Trace a few more than you need in case you make a mistake later.
STEP 2 & 3 : Once your liners have been cut out, slip one into your envelope just below the adhesive edge of the envelope as shown in step 3. 
Once in place fold the envelope with the liner inside to create a crease in the liner (not shown).
STEP 4: Open your envelope and separate the liner from the envelope. With your tape runner run 2 strips of tape along the inside of the liner.

STEP 5: Close the envelope so that the liner and envelope adhere. 

STEP 6 & 7: Press the envelope on both sides making sure that the 2 papers stick to each other well. Open your envelope and viola! 

Your wedding invitations are well on there way to being as beautiful as your wedding will be! My husband and I tackled this DIY project in 2 nights and made 140 envelopes to go with our invitations. Enjoy this time together and happy DIYing :)

xo, liz from coach house pictures

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  1. thought this would be a lot more complicated, but it's totally doable! congrats on your wedding :)

  2. Ooh just discovered your blog! Loving it! Thanks for sharing such a clever but easy peasy idea!! x

  3. can you tell me where you got this wrapping paper to make the liners


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