good things.

happy monday! i had a great weekend that started with a beautiful wedding::

-i met liz and joe through a mutual blog friend. they are a great couple (and v talented photographers!) liz is a DIY-queen and her wedding was pinterest worthy with tons of personal touches (and great food)! we had a great and i was happy to get h on the dance floor. 
-i wore a dress from Rent the Runway to the wedding and it was a hit. the dress fit perfectly (they send you two sizes!) and the whole process was easy (RTR sends you a prepaid envelope to send the dresses back after the rental date). 
-we didn't make it to the reunion on saturday, h forgot his pager so we had to drive back to the city on friday night. (yes...totally weird that doctor's still use pagers, right?!)
-on sunday i went to my first barre class (at Barre Bee Fit in River North) with my bff Jen (she's the runner in our group and she's training for the chicago marathon! we used to take a bootcamp class together, so it was fun to workout together again). the barre class was tough...i haven't worked out that hard in months years. half way through, i wanted to collapse and take a nap... so by the end of the class i was thrilled that i made it out alive. barre was much more challenging than anything i ever did in bootcamp but it feels SO good to use different muscles and get my heart rate up. i can't wait to go back :)

cheers to a short work week and lots of 4th of july fun! 



  1. aw, super cute! i love the dress you chose! kind of reminds me of your wedding invite, haha! :) i love barre, it's so great for your legs!

  2. Looks like such a great weekend Jillian! I have yet to try Barre. Sometime after I give birth!

  3. The RTR dress looks great on you! My husband is always wondering why I didn't think of RTR! Looks like a nice weekend for you and H!

  4. you look fab!

    I don't mean to be creepy, but did your hair used to be lighter?

  5. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! I've been thinking about giving Barre a whirl...you may have convinced me!

  6. Loved seeing you and your hubby at our wedding!! I'm still reliving the moments in my head :) And your dress was beyond beautiful!! Perfect for our garden wedding and loved the lace!
    Thank you for the sweet and generous gifts! Joe and I were cracking up looking through the newly wed manual! And anything by Rifle and Co, is perfection! I need to find some receipts so I can use those cute cards :) Can't wait to plan our next double date!! Have a great (short) week! xoxo


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