good things - BlogHer 13 recap.

this weekend was a whirlwind of crazy, fun, good things. i decided last wednesday to attend the BlogHer 13 conference in Chicago on friday and saturday. i have blogging for almost 3 years (whoa time flies!) but this was the first large blogger conference i have attended and it was ahhhhmazing

i went to the conference by myself and although i wish i gave myself more time to mentally prepare (pick out what break-out sessions i wanted to attend, research what other bloggers were attending and think about what i really wanted to learn)... i had no choice but to just jump in, since i registered late. i stepped outside of my comfort zone, brought along some blogging business cards and met a TON of other bloggers and company reps who were super friendly. it was very inspiring to be surrounded by so many other enthusiastic and talented women. i am excited about the future of cornflake dreams and i motivated to make the time to be a better blogger.

conference highlights: 
-the friday keynote speaker: the pioneer woman! ree drummond was incredibly genuine and down-to-earth. she is a great business-woman and was so humble when describing her accomplishments (a great lesson to remember). 
-the break-out sessions: the Media Kit session was the most informative and practical session i attended, it was fascinating for me to hear from another marketing professional about how to present your blog + brand. you can read the session transcripts on the BlogHer website
-the expo hall: omg. there was food + goodies everywhere. i had more pillsbury funfetti donuts at the folgers lounge than i'd care to admit... and i also got the chance to connect with some great companies and i look forward to working with them in the future. 

conference tips (for newbies like me): 
-DON'T bring your laptop. a pen + paper are sufficient and MUCH lighter than lugging around your laptop + spare cord + laptop bag + all of your expo goodies...
-BE SELECTIVE at the EXPO hall...remember you have to carry that stuff around the WHOLE day. day one i came home exhausted with two EXPO bags filled to the brim + my laptop bag (+ a sore neck and shoulders...) i got some great products but i should have ditched that laptop bag!
-BRING blogger business cards!!! thankfully i had business cards leftover from a previous event, it's much easier to exchange information with contacts when you have a business card (and it's fun to see how bloggers and business design their cards!) remember to include your blog name, email and all of your social media contact info.
-HAVE FUN and TALK to EVERYONE - conferences can be tiring but take advantage of the unique face-to-face opportunity to meet and talk to other bloggers! 

have you attended a blogger conference? which one?! 
did you like it? do you have any other conference tips?


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psst: this is not a sponsored post - i just wanted share my conference story :) 
but you WILL be informed when i have sponsored or review posts in the future. yah! 


  1. This looks like such an amazing experience! Only recently, I've really started to look into blog/travel conferences and what the benefits are of attending... thanks for the newbie tips :) Can't wait to continue to walk Cornflake Dreams grow!


  2. so glad you had a great time and sorry we didn't get a chance to connect! definitely going to check out the transcripts of the sessions - so cool they post those!

  3. I'm always so curious about these events-- thanks for the recap/hints. I've got to get on designing some blogger business cards!


  4. Looks like a great event! I'm going to keep this on my radar next year.

  5. I am so jealous of you! Looks like it was all so fabulous to meet and learn and just be a blogger. thanks for the bag tip. Duly noted for when I go!

  6. You have the best attitude ever. Make your conference. Exactly that. It was amazing, it was the best one ever and I can't wait for next year.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful event! I've been meaning to bite the bullet on new business cards, and I think you've just convinced me!

  8. Wow such good tips and I LOVE you blogger cards! I am definitely going to try to attend the Chicago event next year as I'm moving to the midwest!


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