wedding season secret.

summer is in full swing and that means it's wedding season!! i am attending a few weddings this year and i am SO excited to FINALLY try Rent the Runway! i have heard nothing but great things about the site (av from long distance loving raves about it) and it makes SO much sense. instead of buying a new dress for every wedding or special event (that you will most likely only wear once) rent one! i really regret not doing this last year for all of my wedding events (bachelorette party, shower and rehearsal dinner). i bought new dresses for each of these events and i haven't worn them since (fail). i have learned my lesson, now i just have to decide which dress to rent. here are a few of my favorite picks::

How It Works:
1. FIND IT: Search the site's collection of dresses and accessories for your rental date (they recommend 1 -2 days before your event), then filter by designer, price, length or style to narrow down your favorites. there's even a customer gallery with photos and reviews of real customers in their rentals. 
2. BOOK IT: Once you've selected your items, book for a 4-day or 8-day rental period. 
3. WEAR IT: Your order will arrive by 8 PM on your delivery date via UPS. 
4. RETURN IT: After your night out, send back your items in the easy pre- paid envelope provided - they will take care of the dry cleaning! 

have you tried rent the runway? 
would you do it again? do you have any favorite designers or dresses?!

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  1. I'm definitely going to try Rent the Runway this summer! I've heard nothing but amazing things!

  2. i used RTR years ago for a NYE party and just placed an order for a wedding next week. it's great to see how much the site has evolved...the reviews, accessories etc.

  3. How fun! Never heard of this before!!

  4. I'm waiting for my first RTR delivery! So excited!

  5. OMG that red lace one! do it :)

    I rented the runway for a black tie event in April and had a great experience with it!


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