loving lately.

after my "serious" post on tuesday (thank you for all of your sweet comments & support) i thought i would keep things light today and share a few things that i am loving...

1. just about everything rifle paper co. designs... i especially love my new french note cards 

2. i am loving planning our seattle and portland trip (thank you for all of your suggestions!!) i cannot wait to visit the chihuly garden and glass exhibition in seattle! 

3. breaking bad. i mentioned that we started watching the show over the weekend... we got sucked into three more episodes last night. can't. stop. watching.

4. the tangle teezer brush is amazing, it detangles wet and dry hair without pulling hair out and it can be used in the shower to evenly distribute conditioner.

5. my new iphone case c/o caseable - i designed it using an instagram photo from our trip to istanbul, turkey. the online shop is very easy to use, finally a DIY project i can handle. (follow caseable on twitter and facebook for more design ideas.)

what are you loving lately?


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  1. I have to get one of those combs! My hair is a tangled mess and my so-called detangling comb has never lived up to my expectations.

  2. Oh! I cannot wait to hear all about the Portland trip. I LOVE that city! Go to the Pearl District. You will fall in love with its charm.

  3. super cute! i love following all your travels, can't wait to see your portland photos!

  4. I noticed that note card in your birthday post! too cute - or, as they'd say in France, trop mignon :)

  5. I've been seeing that detangler everywhere! NEED to get my hands on one!


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