a healthy year.

I turned 28 years old this past weekend and when my husband asked me what my goals were for the upcoming year I immediately responded with, "I want to be healthy."
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The past year was full of some really wonderful things: our wedding, a honeymoon in Paris and Prague and a trip to Greece but we had to face some really difficult things too.

over the past six months we have juggled doctor's visits and tests, balancing work and family stress. after my crohn's diagnosis we finally accepted the disappointment that we'll have to put our baby making plans on hold until i am feeling better. i'll be honest this year hasn't been easy, but everything we have gone through has been a reminder of the importance of being good to yourself and prioritizing your health.

this isn't meant to be a pity post. rather a plead to take care of yourself. see your doctor when you feel like something isn't right. i suffered from symptoms of crohns for years before i finally saw a GI doctor and took the (uncomfortable) tests to get a diagnosis and start proper treatment. 

also, remember to listen to your body and know your limits! on our trip to Greece i shouldn’t have pushed myself to hike up a mountain 8 miles on the first day. I got really sick and i had to stay in bed the second day of our trip (not glamourous AT all)...h searched the island for bananas and powerade and it saved me. (h saved me!) and thankfully i was able to enjoy the rest of our vacation.

now that i am feeling better i want to always feel like this -- just months after i was at my lowest, (we're talking thin, weak and tired ALL of the time) my iron levels are up and my inflammation is down. i feel alive, full of energy and life. i am so incredibly grateful to my husband who was with me through it all. i pray that our second year of marriage doesn't have as many health challenges, but if it does i know that I can count on him to be my support system. this year I will focus on staying healthy. now that I have more energy I want to start incorporating exercise into my daily routine. I have already starting practicing pilates and yoga again and i walk to work when the weather cooperates. i am also working on tracking (avoiding) food that upsets my stomach and changing my eating habits. the goal is to incorporate more veggies, fruit, protein and less sugar into my diet.

this means you will be seeing more exercise and healthy food posts. 

get ready to get healthy + happy! 


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  1. you're a trooper....crohn's is a nasty disease. but it sounds like you are on the road to recovery - all you can do is look ahead! looking forward to seeing more exercise and healthy food posts!! xo

  2. you have such a great attitude my dear, and i know that you can do this! 28 is going to be so good to you! :)

  3. wishing you much health & happiness in the year ahead~

    always, koru kate

  4. WOW, that has to be tough! You will get through it and grow stronger in the process!!! Much love! And come try Barre (see my post today!) you'll love it! XOXO

  5. i hope this year is a super healthy year for you! Figuring out health stuff is never a fun process and I'm so glad you've had a supportive husband to help you through it all!

  6. You go girl! What an inspiring post. I'm looking forward to not only your future posts, but also your positive attitude. Wonderful!

  7. This is just so inspiring–not just your strength, courage and honesty, but the reminder that we all need to be good to ourselves (and each other). To your 28th year, and a happy, healthy one at that!

  8. Happy belated birthday! Looking forward to the healthy food and exercising posts!


  9. Jillian, my cousin has been living with Crohns for the past 10 years. She was really concerned about how it would affect her having a baby and she had a little boy last September with no complications and she was able to continue her treatments through most of her pregnancy. You definitely need to wait until your body (and you guys) are ready, but just wanted to let you know her story, and if you have any other questions I'm sure she'd love to answer! :) Happy Wednesday!

  10. That's a great goal. I keep saying I'm going to do the same and then I slack off. The goal was to really get into shape for my 30 this summer...that hasn't even started :/

    Happy belated birthday!

  11. hey, good for you! I think we get so caught up in everything else going on that we forget to prioritize our bodies, but we can't go on without them. here's to the second year!

  12. Oh, J - I'm so sorry to hear this. Not sure if you saw my post on a similar topic last month, but...well, I feel your pain. Proud of you for getting yourself well, and pushing yourself into the next (better phase) of what life has to offer. Take care of yourself! xox, B

  13. Your post inspired me to finally set a physical appt as step one to figure out my own GI issues. Thanks for the push :)


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