cornflake dreams.: travel finds: street art.


travel finds: street art.

One of my favorite things about traveling to another country is seeing different art and architecture. I love wandering around and getting a little lost --what better way to explore and discover interesting street art and graffiti! h and I saw the most interesting street art in Istanbul, Turkey:

What is your favorite thing about traveling? 
(I also love trying new food!)


  1. Street art is always so much fun. They do "street art" at Bonnaroo, too, and I saw the most magnificent unicorn one time. I like listening to people talk in new places. Languages and dialects are fascinating!

  2. Love new food and explorations around cities. I remember in Buenos Aires loving all of the street art!

  3. How wonderful! There was a graffiti artist who covered some of our neighborhood sidewalks with the word "dream" in gorgeous calligraphy–that's my kind of street art!

  4. Yes! The food for sure! But more than that, I love meeting people and being spontaneous with them. I know, not the safest thing, but it's always produced a great story and fabulous memories.

  5. its so fun to stumbled in to little pieces of street art like this!