judging by its cover.

i love the great gatsby... i adore the glamour and fashion of 1920's and in my book LDC (that's leonardo dicapiro) can do no wrong. needless to say i am looking forward to the release of the new film. my book club girls and i have decided we will read the book and see the movie together later this month. EEP! too bad i can't find my copy! sooo what better time to buy a new one... now i just have to decide WHICH cover art i like best::

[hardcover gold pattern $16 - green $13 - girl $11 - red car fumes $14] these are my favorites!

[blue $4 - modern $7 - orange $9]

which one is your favorite? 
pssst: see even more cover art here.


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ps congrats to kayla- you won the ellie giveaway! look out for an email from me.


  1. Aha I was just deciding this the other day!! Turns out my uncle had a copy (with the original blue cover) but I adore the gold scallops cover - so beautiful!! I love book cover design and seeing how one book can have SO many covers - I posted on Monday about all the covers of Pride & Prejudice - so I love this post!! xo

  2. i love seeing these all together! the blue one is my fave...hope the movie is good!

  3. Love love love the top options! Too cute.

  4. i am SO excited about this movie! i haven't read the book since hs but i plan on getting on that asap.

    i love the red exhaust cover. perfectly vintage.


  5. I would purchase my (now ex-)boyfriend different copies of The Great Gatsby, since it was his favorite book. He now has about a dozen different covers, and one super special copy from when I studied in Germany!

  6. I always go gaga for Norton Critical Editions, but I can't say no to Coralie Bickford Smith's gorgeous covers!!

  7. My favorite is the one where Daisy is lounging in that chair, smiling. It just makes me excited to pick up and read what's going on in her crazy life.

    The blue one with the eyes just reminds me of High School. Urgh.

  8. For being such a bookworm I've never actually read Gatsby so I just started on it a few days ago. I've got the blue cover one, I'm enjoying it so far!

  9. They all have amazing covers, especially love the first set. My friend and I already have a date planned for next week cocktails and Gatsby, we might have 1920's obsessions

  10. I need to reread it before I see the movie too! can I join your book club? :)


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