cornflake dreams.: guest post: the boot.


guest post: the boot.

Summer has officially arrived, early, here in Barletta! You can tell because at any point during the day, except lunch time of course, you’ll find people out and about in the piazzas eating gelato. In Italy, gelato = summer. I always ask people what flavor is their favorite and the consensus seems to be that in the evening chocolate flavors are a must while during the day, the fruitier options win. 

I’m a fruity ice cream fan myself, but it’s bathing suit season and I have a wedding dress to fit into soon, so today I have a super easy and healthy recipe for you to make your own fruity frozen yogurt at home! It’s a snap to throw together and you can use practically any fruit you like! Plus, if it’s not summer where you are, eating a batch of this will make it feel like it is! :)

Fruity Frozen Yogurt
1 or 1/2 cup very ripe  (peach, banana, pear, berries, watermelon, etc.)
1 cup greek yogurt 
1 tbs sugar (or agave nectar if you want to be even more healthy!)
Peel and chop the fruit and puree it in a food processor. Transfer to a plastic or durable container. Add the yogurt and sugar and stir well. Place in the freezer and every 45 minutes give the mixture a vigorous stir - this will break up the ice that may form and keep it creamy! Continue to stir for another 2-3 hours. Serve immediately! 

If you like, here are more of my healthy recipes. Buon appetito and thanks to the lovely Jill for having me here today!



  1. Ah Marissa this looks so so good! A perfect option for a hot summer evening!

  2. haha love that there's a day/night divide for gelato just like I'd have white during the day and red at night :P

  3. sounds yummy and refreshing for summer!