cornflake dreams.: guest post: betsy transatlantically.


guest post: betsy transatlantically.

Hello, Cornflake Dreamers!  I'm Betsy, and I'm delighted to be visiting from Betsy Transatlantically while Jillian's on her Greek adventure with her handsome husband.  I've been to Italy and Spain before, but never Greece - I can't wait to hear the stories and see the photos once they've returned!  Jon, my fiancé, and I have actually been thinking quite a bit about the Mediterranean recently as we've started trying to figure out our honeymoon plans.  We're getting married in England in August, but I'll be coming right back to Washington, DC after the wedding while he'll stay in London, waiting for his visa to move to the US to be confirmed.  So the honeymoon will have to be put on hold until next year, which gives us lots of time to research options! One of Jon's ideas was a trip to Gibraltar. Before he mentioned it, I knew very little about the tiny peninsula on the southern edge of Spain other than that it used to be a key piece of the British Empire, controlling the gateway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, and that John Lennon married Yono Oko there in 1969.  It turns out, though, that Gibraltar is still part of the United Kingdom!
In fact, visiting Gibraltar is apparently like stepping onto English soil except with much better weather.  Even though it's attached to Spain, the people of Gibraltar overwhelming identify as British - when they were asked whether they wanted to be handed over to Spain in 1967, 99.64% of the population voted to remain British, and in 2002 they resoundingly rejected a referendum of shared sovereignty between the UK and Spain.  The official language is English, the currency is pounds sterling, all professions are required to have British qualifications, and there are red post boxes dotted around the territory.  Of course, there's also a Marks and Spencer and a Topshop - basically, it's Britain on the Med! It's also got tons of history and amazing places to visit, from the famous limestone Rock of Gibraltar to an 11th century tower and tunnels instrumental in World War II plus, in the museum, an exploration of Gibraltar's Roman and Moorish past.  The whole territory is only 2.6 square miles so you could probably see everything in a long weekend - how much fun would that be for a quick trip?



  1. thanks for having me, Jillian! hope you're having a great time in Greece - and not checking the blog :P

  2. It's still part of the UK? I had no idea!

    And congrats on the wedding! How exciting!

  3. I had never heard of it either! You will also be close to Selvilla which i heard is really nice.