cornflake dreams.: good things.


good things.

happy monday! this weekend i stayed in chicago (no vegas trip wah-wah) but it turned out to be a fantastic weekend! 
-friday night h and i went to see the joffrey ballet perform othello... it was beeeautiful and my favorite ballet of the season. the costumes, set changes and dancers were amazing and it was refreshing to see one story as opposed to a mixed repertory. 
-on saturday i went shopping while h studied. i splurged on a gorgeous linen baseball sweater and olive jacket from jcrew, hello spring wishlist!
-later that day, we walked to navy pier and played tourist. h has wanted to ride the huge ferris wheel for years, so we finally decided to make it happen. the view from the top was beautiful and if you squint enough lake michigan looks like the ocean ;) after our ride we went on the swings! i love swinging but i didn't expect to have so much fun on the ride -- we were both all smiles the rest of the day.
-on sunday we met the family for brunch at branch 27 (a super cute place in our hood). i was thrilled to be able to ride my bike to the restaurant.


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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend!

  2. It may not have been Vegas, but I your liver is glad you had such a gorgeous weekend at home!

  3. Ahhh, SO FUN! I moved to Chicago two months ago and STILL haven't gotten a chance to get to navy pier with my man! Well, I was purposefully putting it off while it was chilly and cold and not summery-weather. But now it's gorgeous and I neeeed to go!!!

  4. I love playing tourist in my own city. Sounds like you two had a wonderful weekend.

  5. I'm thinking of taking my mom to see that ballet while she's here at the end of the month. After reading about your enjoyment of the Joffrey, I really want to!

  6. I love the Joffrey ballet. How lucky to have it so close.

  7. Oh! Othello! I love full length ballets more than anything. You really get to delve deep into the characters and it just stays with you longer.

  8. I have ALWAYS wanted to ride the farris wheel @ Navy Pier! The weather was perfect for it this weekend!!

  9. it's so fun to play tourist in your own town! I wish I did it more, but it really only happens when friends come to town :/