cornflake dreams.: good things.


good things.

happy monday... i had a great weekend but it went by too fast...
top: {the new mr + mrs. - me and my hot date!}
bottom: {with my other sister-in-law! and h aka ac slater with my nephew}
-friday night h and i had a little date night with happy hour bar bites followed by a few episodes of downton abbey (we're still catching up!)
-saturday we went to my little brother's wedding. the reception was beautiful -- straight out of a rustic-chic wedding pinterst board. it was wonderful to see my family and catch up with old friends. 
-on sunday i met the girls at milk and honey cafe for lunch, worked out and went out for dinner with h's family at mart anthonys (my favorite italian restaurant in the city).


  1. Love the belt on the dress!

  2. Such cute photos! I just finally finished Season 3 of Downton Abbey. Oh my goodness that show is addicting! Now I am annoyed that I have to wait till next year though! Haha! Also I'll have my guest post for you later today! :)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. Love your dress!

  4. You look so lovely! And hooray for such a fulfilling weekend. So beautiful.

  5. What a divine weekend–and you looked gorgeous in that dress!

  6. that dress looks phenomenal on you! and I love it with that belt :)

  7. Yayy for Downton Abbey!! What season are you on? I won't tell you want happens at the end of season 3...