five things.

{av} and ashley tagged me in their five things post ...so here it goes - time to learn a few more things about me::
i get some crazy strong cravings (no, i'm not pregnant!) but whenever a craving hits i can't stop thinking about that food until have it (currently craving low-fat brown cinnamon and sugar poptarts (and unfortunately they are impossible to find... i've been searching for over a month!)

i'm a color-coding, list-making, schedule freak. it calms me down to have a to-do list and i am happy when i can cross something off my list.

i am super sensitive to smells - i can only tolerate a few candles, i get nauseous on the L -- what is that mystery smell and why is it hiding in my nose??! i tie memories and people to specific smells...Christmas = evergreen yankee candles, mom = chance chanel perfume, family = meatballs. and i am comforted by smells.. i regularly sniff h's hair (he has gotten used to it but still teases me..."you smelling me again!?") 

i'm an over-sharer (hmmm..not surprising right!?) but that's how i deal with things, i TALK them out. a lot. good thing i married a psychiatrist. whoohoo free therapy :) AND SMELLS. ba-ha.

i laugh at my own jokes. see above... o and i like to dance but only in my kitchen or in the car.

now it's your turn... care to share a few quirks?!

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  1. Are you sure you're not pregnant? With the cravings and the smells? ;) Love learning a little more about you Jillian, and love the picture! :)

  2. hahaha you are too cute!

  3. These are such fun posts!

  4. Those color-coordinated lists and schedules soothe my anxious little mind, too!

  5. i have a strong sense of smell too! i'm always like it smells like pee... haha no one else smells it

  6. Haha! LOVE the smelling - esp the hair! I do the same thing. :D



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