Happy Monday! It's been a long month and I am happy March is on it's way out!! 
[all photos via dawn e roscoe aka the best wedding photographer ever]

-I am incredibly grateful for my husband. He has been v patient and understanding through my recent health issues. Last week -after years of dealing with stomach issues- i finally went to see a GI doctor. After a series of tests, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. H was by my side the whole time, offering support and optimistic words. it makes my heart swell to think about how lucky I am to have someone look over me.

All that serious aside, I'm also thankful for:
-The return of mad men - i miss you don draper but I hope you behave this season.
- Gatorade, propel and vitamin water aka the nectar of the gods. 
- The countdown to travel season has officially begun with three trips in the next six months. I CAN'T wait.
-Grilled cheese with turkey, swiss & cheddar cheese, and sliced apples on sourdough bread, I had two this weekend and I am obsessed. try it!
- My dad! It's his birthday today and he is the man.



  1. you are lucky to have supportive and loving people in your life! hope you feel better soon.
    beautiful pics!

  2. Oh I am so glad that finally diagnosed you. I've struggled with stomach problems and when they finally found a cause - chronic gastritis, it was so helpful. Much easier to manage.

  3. I hope you feel better soon. I'm with you on wishing March farewell, Mad Men and the grilled cheese combo (I'll have to try it with turkey!)

  4. So glad you finally know what's been troubling you. My aunt has Crohn's and my brother also has something similar. Now that you know what it is hopefully you'll start feeling better soon! Happy birthday to your dad! My dad's bday was yesterday. :)

  5. 1. I'm so sorry. What's the prognosis? Are you going to be okay?

    2. I love your wedding photos. Absolutely perfect.

    3. I'm so glad you have so many people who love you.

  6. hi, jillian: first-time commenter, but i've been enjoying your blog for a while. i've had crohn's disease for 22 years (!) -- i'm 31 -- and i just wanted to let you know that it gets better! (it gets worse sometimes too, as with all chronic things, but that's not the salient point.) if you feel like chatting with other crohn's patients, ccfa.org has links to all kinds of resources and meetup groups -- and of course i'd be happy to chat as well.

  7. Thoughts and prayers are heading your way. Hopefully the prognosis can help you feel better!

  8. oh my gosh JILL! as much as it's terrible to think there's something going on inside our bodies, at least now you can feel some relief knowing what it is. :( i'm so happy h can be a solid rock for you my dear! sending you HUGE hugs from across the ocean. xoxoxoxo

  9. So glad you finally know what you're up against and get some answers to your questions–plus, there's all that fabulous traveling to look forward to!

  10. I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but also somewhat relieved for you that your doctors were able to pinpoint the cause of your stomach issues/pain. Take care and know that you also have the support of your readers, if you should ever need anything. XO


  11. i'm so sorry to hear you've been struggling and while a diagnosis of a very real issue, at least you know what it is!! i hope you can quickly find the treatment that works for you. have you see roost blog? the author's husband has crohn's and finds the specific carb diet to be really helpful. just a thought! xoxox


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