shop crush: coach.

this shop crush isn't a new-to-me, my mom is a coach-aholic and has a pretty fantastic collection of coach purses, wallets and wristlets. she got me hooked (thank you) and i quickly realized why she was such a loyal customer. coach makes quality items with durable material (real leather) that last for years. if your bag does eventually need repair - coach offers free lifetime repairs - just pay shipping.

i have had my eye on a few coach purses but i thought it'd be more practical to treat myself (a la parks and rec) and buy a proper wallet for louie. only problem is i can't decide if i want something bright and fun (coral) or a classic color (camel) that i works year-round:
heritage stripe scarf $128 - heritage stripe woven oblong $158 - single legacy tassel keyfob $38 - casey sunglasses $148 -- [BONUS! like coach's facebook page and get a 25% off all orders]

what do you prefer? a BRIGHT splash of color or something a little more classic?



  1. I always carry a bright wallet - it makes it easier to see, especially in my bigger bags, and the coral is so cute!

  2. The color! It's so pretty and still a neutral.

  3. I have a turquoise accordion Kate Spade wallet - the color makes it easy to find even in my most bottomless bags and the style is perfect for everything I cram in there! definitely the coral :)

  4. I have one of the folding wallets from LV and love it. I have a dark denim one. It's super useful. Also, I have that keychain you featured and totally love it! It makes finding my keys in my purse so easy!

  5. I vote color. You can always find it in your bag and it's great for a quick run to Target (or wherever).

  6. I choose classics over color, but I fell in love with a red Coach crossbody–if only it had been the right shade!

  7. I personally vote for the camel. I've had my camel wallet for years and I love it. But a pop of color can be oh so fun and it's so much easier to swap out than a colored purse. :)

  8. I've never been a huge Coach girl but lately they are revamping in a way I can really get on board with!

    Memoirs & Mochas

  9. Coach luggage may be pretty stunning and purposeful. I even have one and use it plenty and it holds up wellcoach handbagsi really like the colors and neutrals go along with everything. it absolutely was given to ME as a present cuss I might ne'er afford to urge one !


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