cornflake dreams.: office space.


office space.

Lately, I've spent quite a few days working from home and all that time on the couch makes me want to spruce up my office and make it a functional and inviting space. My ideal workspace would be organized with pretty distractions that motivate me to keep working hard and get things done! my march houzz board is all about finding the perfect pieces for an at home office space::

what's makes your office space a happy place?


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  1. Love the wire baskets and blue mason jars ... both items are currently in use on my vanity!

  2. I love motivating print from Emily Ley or Lara Casey around my office space. Especially when I'm not feeling very creative or worn down, they lift me up and get me back on track. :)

  3. Love sweet little journals, pretty candles and fun wall art!

  4. i like your industrial details! i can't wait to eventually have an office, and it will be super organized. (i hope, haha!)