date night: shakespeare theater.

happy tuesday! i had a wonderful weekend and I am ready for another work-week. 
-friday night h surprised me with dinner from my favorite sandwich place - vinnie's! we caught up on more episodes of downton abbey...and now anxiously awaiting another disk from netflix.
-saturday h and i went to the Shakespeare Theater at Navy Pier to see Juius Ceaser. it was a 3pm show, so we were the youngest people in the audience- ha! but it was a beautiful theater and i was impressed with the modern interpretation of the play (although i will admit i had a hard time understanding what the heck was going on since it's been years since i have read Shakespeare).
-sunday brunch at Mindy's Hot Chocolate was fantastic and on the walk home i spotted a few other restaurant i'd like to try (burgers @grass fed, mexican @antique taco and thai @silom12... i cannot wait for the return of summer, bike rides and outdoor patios!)
-sunday dinner was in greek town where we filled up on delicious gyros and feta zesti (feta cheese baked in between sliced tomatoes, herbs and olive oil). 


ps in case you missed it: yesterday i announced the POND'S Luminous Effect Giveaway - enter to win the entire luminous line. 


  1. Ah so glad to hear Julius Caesar was good - I've been wanting to see it!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  2. Ah Jillian it sounds like a great weekend. Have heard great things about Julius Caesar!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous–and delicious weekend!

  4. i truly love all your theater-going! so fun! and omg those feta tomatoes?? YUM.


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