good things.

happy monday! i had a fannntatic weekend that was full of lots o good things...including the book of mormon

 -h and i saw The Book of Mormon on friday and it did not disapoint. sure it was a little offensive and it's defiantly not for everyone... but that's to be expected from a musical by the creators of south park - right? i liked it a lot -- i was in awe of the dancing and the set changes. i am still warming up to all the signing but i think this was a good (first) musical for me to see.
- on saturday we finally picked up our framed mosaic tiles from turkey! i am so happy to see them finally hanging up in our kitchen.
- we finished the weekend with sunday dinner with the family at our favorite mexican restaurant (DeColores in Pilsen). 

annnd the lucky winner of the club carlson giveaway is Mary K. congrats! please email me.



  1. Sounds like a great weekend! :)

  2. My Mom and I almost went to see the Book of Mormon when we were in New York in September, but in the end she decided that it would be too dicey for her (and she was probably right!). We went to see Once instead and it didn't disappoint. But I'd still love the see Book of Mormon sometime :) Glad to hear you guys enjoyed it!


  3. I thought I had a good weekend, but you may have trumped me. :)

  4. It was your first musical? What?!! Okay, if I'm ever in your hood, we are seeing soooo many musicals!

  5. oooh, Book of Mormon swung through Portland a few months ago and I missed it! So bummed. (AND when I was in New York, tickets were like a gajillion dollars). I've seen a few scenes online, and it looks like a riot! xoxo

  6. Awesome! We're seeing it when it comes to Dallas so I'm glad to hear you liked it!! xoxo

  7. i really want to see it! :) glad you had a great weekend love!


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