the perfect ballet flats.

i mentioned tieks before but now i want to share a little more about what i think are the perfect ballet flats. tieks by gavrieli have a trademark (non-skid) blue rubble sole and an innovative folding design that makes them perfect for travel! the flats are made out of high quality materials - soft italian leather, patent leather and even vegan fabric! 

i have a pair from their vegan line (silver lake) and classic italian leather (matte back). both pairs are v comfortable and fit perfectly and do not pinch my heels (they are cushioned). 

silver lake - part of tiek's vegan collection. these shoes are even prettier in person! they look gray from far away but close up you'll notice they have hints of gorgeous silver threading in the fabric.

matte black - classic italian leather flats. 

each pair of Tieks comes packaged in a compact bright blue box topped with a happy flower. inside you'll find your flats along with a compact pouch to compress your folded flats when they are in your purse and a reusable tote for your heels (or lunch!) i know the $165+ price tag might give you a little sticker shock but trust me, they are worth the investment! i am already dreaming of another pair: i am smitten with the classic ballerina pink style.



  1. i've heard great thinks about these! seriously need to try because flats are my fave, but it's so hard to find truly comfortable ones!

  2. you're officially convincing me to splurge. with a baby on my hip all the time gone are the days of wearing heels (for now)...


  3. I seriously need to get a pair. They would be perfect while pregnant (and with a new baby).

  4. I have heard so many great things about these flats, and I do travel often and need something in between running around in heels. The only thing about flats is that mine always seem to wear out in less than a year. Do you think these are more durable?

  5. I've been looking for a cute pair of summer. Hooray! I want the black ones!

  6. I work on my feet most days, so I am always looking for a comfy pair of flats! So glad you are sharing your love ☺ XO Brynn


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